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Southern Church Mother, We Need You.

For those of us from the South, our first thoughts when hearing the words “Southern church mother” may be memories of our own grandmothers, wearing their big hats that match whatever pastel dress they were wearing that Sunday, their white gloves holding their church fans, and the aromas of their kitchen as the family walked in after church. 483 more words


Finest coffee in town...

There’s a Chinese restaurant here in The Cove whose tagline is “Voted Best Buffet in The Cove” which is hilarious because it is the only buffet… 89 more words


When I was 9

When I was 9, we lived in a rural neighborhood tucked between our family’s farm and a DuPont plant built for commercial polyester production. Our yard was bordered by pasture land on one side and a railroad track on the other. 679 more words


DVD Review: Joe

Starring: Nicolas Cage, Tye Sheridan, Gary Poulter
Director: David Gordon Green
Rating: 8/10

There’s a moment in Joe when a drive-by shooter puts a bullet in Nicolas Cage’s titular character’s shoulder and you think the story’s going to go in a… 552 more words


Thirty Opening Chapters in Thirty Days: Day 1-- The Dogs Came First

Internet, I’ve been bored.  When I get bored, I do an unpleasant self-pity thing that grates on everyone’s nerves– think your kids’ whining combined with Lee Press-On Nails on an old-timey Little-House-On-The-Prairie chalk board. 832 more words

#Dystopian Future in the Rural South. Eyeless and Fiery #SERAPHIM by @KipKubin - Now on @Indiegogo #Filmmaking

A child of the 80’s finds himself in a dystopian future. And today he’s face to face with a vengeful God…It’s shot entirely on film. Aaton XTR with Fuji64D stock shot in rural Tennessee. 53 more words