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Finest coffee in town...

There’s a Chinese restaurant here in The Cove whose tagline is “Voted Best Buffet in The Cove” which is hilarious because it is the only buffet… 89 more words


When I was 9

When I was 9, we lived in a rural neighborhood tucked between our family’s farm and a DuPont plant built for commercial polyester production. Our yard was bordered by pasture land on one side and a railroad track on the other. 679 more words


DVD Review: Joe

Starring: Nicolas Cage, Tye Sheridan, Gary Poulter
Director: David Gordon Green
Rating: 8/10

There’s a moment in Joe when a drive-by shooter puts a bullet in Nicolas Cage’s titular character’s shoulder and you think the story’s going to go in a… 552 more words


Thirty Opening Chapters in Thirty Days: Day 1-- The Dogs Came First

Internet, I’ve been bored.  When I get bored, I do an unpleasant self-pity thing that grates on everyone’s nerves– think your kids’ whining combined with Lee Press-On Nails on an old-timey Little-House-On-The-Prairie chalk board. 832 more words

#Dystopian Future in the Rural South. Eyeless and Fiery #SERAPHIM by @KipKubin - Now on @Indiegogo #Filmmaking

A child of the 80’s finds himself in a dystopian future. And today he’s face to face with a vengeful God…It’s shot entirely on film. Aaton XTR with Fuji64D stock shot in rural Tennessee. 53 more words



Lou and Jigger:True Love is Inseparable

Written by Geryn Childress

This short story packs a powerful punch in a kindle book of approximately twenty-five pages. The characters are well developed, the plot carefully laid out, and the historical background deftly woven into the story. 355 more words

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