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My Name Is Salt (2013)

Seen at ICA, London, Sunday 22 March 2015

In many ways, it’s documentary films which prove there are still plenty of stories to tell in the world and plenty of ways to depict them. 193 more words

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The Guest (2014)

NEW RELEASE FILM REVIEW || Seen at Vue Ocean Terminal, Leith, Saturday 20 September 2014 || My Rating good

No one, I suppose, is going to claim this film as a masterpiece, but it has a certain panache in the way it brings to life the moribund genre traits of a lapsed style of filmmaking that seemed to go the way of VHS back in the 1980s. 282 more words

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Blue Ruin (2013)

NEW RELEASE FILM REVIEW || Seen at Cineworld Haymarket, London, Tuesday 20 May 2014 || My Rating very good

This blog can’t claim to be a particular follower of trends, but even my attention hasn’t entirely been bypassed by the rise of crowdsourcing for film projects. 409 more words

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