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Wednesday - Core/Strength (AM), General Aerobic Easy 8 (PM)

A lighter session in the gym, though I still got some leg strength and core work in. In the evening I went for an easy run and though it was 27 degrees, humid and slightly windy I felt relatively relaxed, so that’s a good sign. 34 more words


If not for the stupid, stupid weather – ice and snow in Texas?! – I would be running tonight. I saw some runners this morning while the temperature was still above zero Celsius, but there was no way I was going out tonight. 319 more words


You Will Quit

I almost did.

Mile 8 into my Half Marathon, I hit a pretty substantial wall. My mind was done. And I realized running, like life, is a mental game. 420 more words



It’s my birthday! I’ve simultaneously hit 25 and the ground running! Quite literally, the first thing I did in my 25th year was go for a run. 344 more words

Monthly Mile - March

Great job last night. We had seven people run the timed mile, including one who took a minute and a half off his PR. Nice work, Tim! 25 more words


I Don't Need Your Judgement!

Exercise is good for us. We all know it. It makes you feel stronger and more bad arse, the endorphins will keep you going for hours, you get the sore muscle feeling of accomplishment, you sleep better, it’s recommended for people suffering with depression and anxiety as one of the top complimentary management strategies (stuff you can do on top of meds and therapy) … the list goes on. 1,138 more words


Weekly Workout - Interval [treadmill] Training II

For yesterday’s speed session, I did a “ladder” interval workout.  My brother, a former Track & Field sprinter and state qualifier (yes, I’m bragging, but I’m a proud big sister!) once told me that ladders were one of the best speed workouts for getting faster.  344 more words