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THEE best brownies around.

So to make up for my lack of running posts I thought I would post a recipe for a change! This is one of the best post run treats every – they are super naughty but oh so worth it! 454 more words

Update on the injury!

Since my last post there has been little to report on the running front. After 4 appointments with the physio and no improvement I was starting to get a little worried about how long I would be stuck with this injury. 326 more words

Berry Muesli 

I don’t know about you, but I wake up so hungry most of the time. Whether I am heading to work or working out, I need something tasty and quick. 94 more words


2.5 weeks to go!

2.5 weeks to go! EEEEKKK!!!


It’s hard to think of much else at this point. I’ve been training for this for 15.5 weeks, things are starting to taper off a bit, and the Boston Marathon is looming. 535 more words


Weekly Workouts

I have been having a difficult time motivating myself to workout other than my household chores and activities. I am hoping to get back to a little hit more of a routine with different activities. 139 more words

Thank you, Bali.

“So next week, I will try to do a throwback run: no watch, no phone, no post run selfie! Shet parang ang hirap. Hahaha! I’ll try to run how 1994 runners did it and see the difference. 513 more words