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when i first started running, i didnt call it running. i called it “jogging.” or just “im going ‘out’ for a bit, be back soon” i even joked about starting a “y”ogging group: for those of us who dont run 6 miles… 361 more words

Beginner Runner

Vacation Running

Just a few short months ago I would have told you that working out while you’re on vacation is ridiculous, you’re on vacation for Pete’s sake! 506 more words


So my posting has been a bit lacking recently, probably because I am now a fully fledged, employed, real human being. I’m settling in to my life in Queenstown and my new job, but no longer feel such a free-spirited nomad, inspired to run and write by each new destination. 355 more words

Run, Sara J., Run

Race season is just around the corner, so I went to Al Sabo to get some distance training in. Such a beautiful day… I could almost forgive my labored breathing and definite willingness to quit at 2.51 miles. 6 more words

Goals & Aspirations

The first 5K

Today was the big day! My first 5K race and it surely will not be my last. I cannot be more happier for challenging myself into doing this race and feeling the best running high!! 171 more words


100 Metres, fiction by Daniel Prior

The gun cracked and they erupted off the white line painted on dry grass.

Faster! Faster! Faster!

The chant in his mind; the beat of his heart and lungs and legs, drowned everything else and only the finish line remained. 715 more words


Reflections on Marathon Training (Day 49 of 83)

I mentioned yesterday that I was going to head out to my hometown for my mother’s birthday after my Saturday 10K. Well, between getting my run in, making a quick grocery store stop, driving out to the burbs, eating way too much food and playing lawn games in the sun (and drinking a few beers), by the time Laura and I got home, we were exhausted. 245 more words