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I love playing FFXIV

I LOVE FFXIV! I can’t wait to see what the new year brings! God bless Square Enix. What I would like to know is, are the classes going to be abolished and all classes become… 189 more words


The Weekend Post

Hey everyone, how are you doing today? I just want to give an update on life, let you know what is going on lately.

During school this week, my team and I had another large project due, high stress levels, but we finished it finally. 273 more words


dungeons are actually listed under Duties

But by skipping the cut scenes anywhere means that you don’t know what’s going on by watching them at the time the other players disappear and leave you behind, I thought that doing the missions and seeing the cutscenes you are following the story as it’s meant to be seen. 215 more words


pre-order Heavensward to get ffxiv gil bonus

Heavensward pre-order bonuses

Any chance of getting a “search function” in our storage retainers? I hate having to literally search for stuff all the time, especially when a lot of the crafting materials look similar…. 161 more words


a two handed weapon

Well, one could also say that it made no sense that Ninja ended up using Dexterity in the first place when it was a melee class and melee classes all used Strength. 222 more words


Nerd Rage

Before I get going, let me send you to a place of wonder and joy and lots of nerdy red faces: welcome to the realm of… 1,413 more words


Crafting: What's the Point?

There has been a trend in recent years of trying to streamline the MMO experience and get rid of outdated mechanics that only serve to annoy players (see my rant on WoW tapping in the… 596 more words