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Digital Object Theft in Online Gaming

By Amelia Lever

After hours and hours of hard work you finally save up enough coins to buy black amour. Leaving the grand exchange, another player is offering to trim black amour for 30K. 672 more words

DFO with FP system

People just needa stop being a little bitch and play other games with DFO. Seriously DFO’s not the only thing you can play and i’m fairly sure it IS NOT the only thing you play to… 254 more words


Download FFX for PC

Remaster it for Xbox 360 I love the FFXIV but not enough to blow 600 bucks on a ps4 FFXIV Gil.  Why didn’t unlock the Japanese VA? 167 more words


FFXIV melee DPS skill

I wanna say since you said “why did I have to come out before finals” that gave the totally wrong impression.  I’d love to see the dramatic finale but that “Steps of the Faith” fight is kicking our arse..  211 more words


Pay to Play VS Pay to Win

Gaming seems not only become increasingly popular as time passes, but it is becoming part of our culture as human beings. As a gamer you learn to acknowledge the different types of games out there, for example there are console games (which are games for consoles such as Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo’s Wii) but then you run into PC games such as World of Warcraft. 310 more words


do more favor for dfo

Since this post, the gold farmers have gone RAMPANT! I’m being PM’d every 10 seconds now to buy gold!! Thank you Neople for doing everything you can to give us the best in game! 166 more words


report dfo gold farmers online

Is there a way we can flag gold sellers as we see them post messages? A simple right click and report to notify you guys they are doing shady business. 216 more words