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Stones Speak

I had been drawn to runes for nearly a year. Before, in my so called innocent or godless years, I fancied Tarots. My Palladini Aquarian deck is ages old. 809 more words


Natures Wisdom Today the Owl

Owls are beautiful birds. The fly at night and search for food. Their vision is very good. I wish it was the same with people. Ha!! 80 more words


A Different Captain

Must be Saturday;
I can hear the halting notes—
Of Bill Shatner’s Kirk.


Everyday Poems

The Tenth Card Rune

This is the card of struggles when it is upside down. We all have a path and each path is a different one. We struggle with relationships and many times we struggle finding ourselves and in some peoples lives they never find themselves, but they live their lives for others and not themselves. 201 more words


Today’s Witches Runes for April 24th is The Crossed Arrows

Today’s Witches Runes

The Crossed Arrows

(sometimes called War or the Crossed Spears, sometimes the Crossroads).

Two arrows, usually shown crossed, sometimes just in the air about to intersect. 226 more words

Daily Posts

Your Daily Rune for April 24th is Raidho

Your Rune For Today

Raidho may mark the coming of a physical or spiritual journey. Whichever the case, changes in your life are soon to come. 314 more words

Daily Posts