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Painted Ladies: COLOR ME RAD!

Color Me Rad was wonderful! My sister accompanied me for the day :-).

I must confess, I didn’t run the whole time. Reason being, the race was held in the most popular theme park of my yesteryear, Great America (formerly Paramount’s Great America), and I was too swept up in nostalgia to not pause and look around at my childhood!  80 more words


March wrap up and onward!

Well, lots of challenges during the month of March as expected!  The races during the month were:

The Run for PI (3.14)

The Great Black Swamp Festival of Races (25K) 832 more words

Supportive Friends Help us Achieve Great Things

Blacklight Run | 28 March 2015

So the big day seemed to arrive all too quickly and unfortunately some serious wind also wanted to join the party. 231 more words


Free Little Library Update - Not good news

We ran by something pretty disturbing this morning on our run. Our route took us by the Free Little Library I blogged about back on June 6th, 2014. 210 more words


training run #932

Wednesday 1 April, 06:33

4C, cold, windy. Another 7 mile run, with a nice sunrise. Wrapped up enough for the cold wind on the far side of RV, which made me slightly warm on the sheltered nearside. 44 more words


March training

Usual format, stay out of the way first;


Count – 5

Distance – 18.4km (11.4miles)

Time – 6:24:14 hh:mm:ss


Count – 11

Distance – 461 miles… 516 more words

Self motivating

Just a little reminder to myself of how far I’ve come, where I’ve been and how far I have to go. This road for me hasn’t been a straight line forward, but rather a zigged and zagged line of wins and losses, forwards and reverses, all working towards a healther and happier self.