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Straw into gold

I found an old notebook the other day, curiosity got the better of me (not always a good thing) and I found myself thumbing through. I’d been toying with fairy tales from a different perspective, I’ve done this on and off for as long as I can remember but don’t usually succeed in getting my ideas down in a way I’m happy with. 109 more words

Once Upon A Time, S4E13: "Darkness on the Edge of Town"

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Cruella…has magical dog breath powers?
  • Weird, however I guess without that, her superpower is basically chain-smoking.
  • Oh hey, Regina’s reinstalled as mayor. Because Storybrooke votes the recidivist party.
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Spoiler Thoughts

Once Upon A Time, S4E12: "Heroes and Villains"

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Belle always wanted a life in New York City?
  • “If you must know, it’s about ethics in magical journalism.”
  • Funny how no one from Storybrooke ever wants to go to LA or Hollywood or anywhere West of the Mississippi.
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Spoiler Thoughts

Week XX – The Curtain Rises Again

Season 4, Episode 12 (Darkness On the Edge of Town)

While I am in the mood to rip someone’s heart out and crush it, or have my own ripped out and buried in the dirt so that wild animals could eat it up…(No points for figuring out which character I identify a lot with!) 554 more words

Katy Pontificates

Once Upon A Time: Darkness on the Edge of Town

Yep, it was back on March 1st and woohoo, finally.

I’d like to call this part of the season, the ‘Queens of Evil’.

I know it’s only one episode in but I can sense that there’s going to be a lot of Cruella, Ursula and Maleficent; possibly some new characters introduced. 140 more words

Once Upon A Time


The blank wall holds secrets that only I can tell.

I unravel the threads that hold myself together and weep as I realise I am not made of gold the way I have been told.  89 more words


Happy Never After

Last night was one of the most magical nights of the year.

ABC’s Once Upon a Time returned for its mid-season premiere and it was shocking – as always. 439 more words