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Once Upon A Time- 4x18 "Sympathy for the De Vil"

“A Cinderella tale with a black widow twist” Issac, The Author

What a perfect quote to sum up Sympathy for the De Vil. This week we were treated to Cruella’s backstory and thrown into a 1920s, Great Gatsby themed world which was a fantastic change of scene for the show. 1,052 more words

Once Upon A Time

Happy Endings, Death, and Darkness (OUAT)

I was just scrolling through tumblr and reminded of my feelings on Once Upon a Time currently. Not to mention I just watched the most recent episode last night.  496 more words

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Once Upon A Time- 4x17 "Heart of Gold"

So the episode started naturally where it left off- The Charmings and their pirate mascot hot on the trail of The Author, who made a mad dash after being released from the book at the end of the last episode. 1,119 more words

Once Upon A Time

A Real Honker

“Darryl, honey,” Lucille said. “Why do you put that stuff in your mouth?”

Darryl gave the can a few more pops, opened it, pinched some snuff, and stuffed it in his lower lip.  520 more words

Flash Fiction

Book Review: A Curse Dark as Gold by Elizabeth A. Bunce

Info: 396 pages, paperback, Middle Grade Fantasy/fairy tale retelling, published March 1, 2008

Synopsis: Charlotte Miller has always scoffed at talk of a curse on her family’s woolen mill, which holds her beloved small town together. 335 more words

Book Reviews

Straw into gold

I found an old notebook the other day, curiosity got the better of me (not always a good thing) and I found myself thumbing through. I’d been toying with fairy tales from a different perspective, I’ve done this on and off for as long as I can remember but don’t usually succeed in getting my ideas down in a way I’m happy with. 109 more words

Once Upon A Time, S4E13: "Darkness on the Edge of Town"

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Cruella…has magical dog breath powers?
  • Weird, however I guess without that, her superpower is basically chain-smoking.
  • Oh hey, Regina’s reinstalled as mayor. Because Storybrooke votes the recidivist party.
  • 419 more words
Spoiler Thoughts