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Ugh!  Wi-Fi, Writing & the Limits of Technology 

So, last week I shared with you that Apple released an iOS update that I thought would fix my Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

Well it worked for most of the week until last night. 464 more words


Night Light (revised)

The city sleeps but she cannot. She touches the switch. Watches as the light grows brighter. Touches the switch again and watches the light dim to nothing. 573 more words


The stranger among us

Mistakes can teach some of life’s greatest lessons. Without mistakes, I think life could not be perfect. In the book The World According to Mister Rogers… 757 more words


The Value of a Person's Skill

Local economies once operated on a barter system. Goods and services were rendered in exchange for other goods or services.

A person needing a new pair of shoes might have given a cobbler a pound of grain. 340 more words

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Please, Walk with me

Hello, dear readers. I’m writing to appeal to you for help with something that is really important to me: multiple sclerosis. In 2013 I was diagnosed with this disease. 535 more words


The pain of detoxing #lyme #spoonie #chronicillness

My doc said the chelex pills I had to take for the heavy metals test was probably the cause of the terrible headache, intense fatigue, etc. 421 more words


Joyful Moments in Memory Care

Volunteering with Alzheimer’s patients is something I’ve thought about doing since my mom died at the end of 2012, but part of me felt apprehensive about it. 1,058 more words