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The Art of Writing

As an ardent lover of the written expression, I have always asked myself what differentiates a piece of literature from another piece of work. Is it the content? 621 more words


Why We Grieve

Leonard Nimoy created many firsts on ST. The Vulcan Salute, Live Long and Prosper, Mind Melds, the nerve pinch. He ‘sneaked’ Jewish culture into mainstream television in what was already a groundbreaking series featuring the first competent black woman officer, the Prime Directive, and so much more. 92 more words


Universal Spirit

Here’s some good news: There’s no need to give up chocolate, electronic gadgets, or your other favorite little indulgences for Lent. A different idea for fasting is making the news this year, thanks to something Pope Francis said in his annual Lenten message last week. 969 more words


Winterless wonderland

I know y’all in the North get a good chuckle over how the South freaks out over winter weather. Here in Atlanta, the mayor declared a state of emergency over a potential inch of snow… 217 more words


Wow I finally published something on my year old blog

After having this blog for a year I finally filled it up with something (pats back, good job lazy self) I told myself one day last year, hey your good friend has a blog and it helps him de-stress, we should create one too! 114 more words


If We Just Look Long Enough

In its quiet elegance,
it reveals heaven, humans and the earth.
I look deeply long enough that seems like eternity
and then I see what the ancient sages and poets and monks saw, 20 more words


Oh Fuck You Love You Hate You Beautiful Ugly Thing

I hold these truths to be self-evident. That nothing really matters. That nobody is the most special person in the world. That everybody is deserving of kindness. 394 more words