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A damn good average, but not damned

Friends and coworkers.  They have the power to influence you to become damn good, or just damned.  Choose that circle of five wisely.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

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Alfredo's curs

The smell of death can be elusive as it will waft along a breeze hiding the location of a corpse. Sometimes a turkey vulture would come in handy to locate it. 361 more words


On an Alcoholic

I smelled it again the other day, the odor of drunk: strong, stale alcohol oozing from every pore.

I hate that smell. My mind loathes it. 810 more words


Future Perfect

For much of the last decade I’ve spent my life in the subjunctive or future perfect cases. The subjunctive offered me a way to look back and muse about the ways life could have been made better. 318 more words

Future Perfect

Profiteroles + Chocolate Sauce

Without further ado…


2 ozs hazelnuts, roasted, raw and shelled

1 C cold water
1/4 lb unsalted butter (1 stick)
1/4 t sea salt… 439 more words


Questions: A Search for Meaning

Given every question that has ever been asked of me in my thirty-six years of living, the ones I hate the most are the ones where the answers are painfully obvious. 688 more words


The insuperable gap between East and West that exists in some eyes is perhaps nothing more than an optical illusion. Perhaps it is only the conventional way of expressing a popular opinion based on insufficient evidence and masquerading as a universally recognized statement of fact, for which there is no justification at all, not event the plea that it contains an element of truth.

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