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8 Ways Homeschooling Creates Success

I can credit homeschooling — unschooling in particular — with developing many of the traits that support me being a successful adult, and I see the same things in other grown-up homeschoolers I know. 768 more words


Our identity is what we represent ourselves to be given the liberty to do so

Very interesting article.
Give it a read.
People are what they represent. Period. And what I really despise is certain people calling a highly educated dark skinned individual an Uncle Tom or uppity n****r because s/he enunciated their words or used perfect grammar … And this is not only a white thing – all cultures discriminate by skin color and facial/fair/skeletal structure patterns! 96 more words


RumiNations: I am Waiting for ... Independence Day


I am waiting for … The American people to finally be honest about who we have become and remove the “In” from the 4th of July, Independence day celebration. 51 more words


Aescetic Aesthetic

Among my favorite movies is Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. On the special features, there is a discussion of the design for the Elvish armor and weaponry, where the conceptual artists were trying to communicate an elegant simplicity that would permit Elvish designs to cease evolving. 66 more words

Apartment Woodworking

Of Curious Thoughts on Long Jeepney Rides

long rides on the road/
mapping sleeping places in mind/
ruminations awake/


A Taste for the Macabre

I have a confession. I am an unapologetic and voracious consumer of mystery and crime television.

It doesn’t even have to be well written. From  1,307 more words


Dispensing Honesty

Maybe I am an optimist, or a romantic, but I like to see the good in people and take their kind acts at face value. It is far easier to go through life with that perspective than it is to always look at people with suspicion. 508 more words

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