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Explaining to the lay person what chronic Lyme feels like | Liberation through #Lyme #chroniclife

“I have no doubt that my husband loves me but I know that it frustrates him when I try to explain that he will never be able to understand what I’m experiencing. 74 more words


Spoon thief stole my spoons when I wasn't looking #spoonie #chroniclife

One of the most frustrating things about the chronic life is that with out any warning at all, I can be suddenly exhausted. And for no reason I can see. 190 more words


Why Would You Give It Away For Free?

It’s something they tell you to never do.  Never work for free. I agree with that to an extent, but I saw the sales of my self-published novel stagnating and decided I had to do something to get the damn thing out there.   534 more words


ruminating on Bad Dates and their subsequent or maybe just potential hilarity

Wouldn’t it be super fun to take every bad date (let’s be honest, if you’re anything like me, you’ve had a few) and put them in the same room and make them stare at a slideshow of fun topics, topics one shouldn’t talk about, images of funny things to remind them that a sense of humor is a likable quality, topics that should make their brow at least FURROW with concern, etc?!   1,039 more words


Shorts, Continued...

I’m 22 and 10-5 Tuesday-Saturday the majority of my diet consists of frozen mini creme-puffs.  The kind of disgusting sweet that sticks to the roof of your mouth, providing a constant reminder of the choices you made that day.  I repeat: I am 22.



SEPTEMBER 11th MATTRESS SALE!!! OUR PRICES ARE CRUMBLING!! Pretty offensive isn’t it? I agree. But I use that to make a point. Will one day such an obviously callous advertisement become the norm? 836 more words


Defending Freedom of Speech

And may I ask: Where are the demonstrations of Muslims who do not agree with the violence committed in the name of Islam and its prophet? 105 more words