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An Interlude

Merely popping in here to say that the Australian adventure is underway, or at least in its larval stage. I’m currently sitting in the LAX airport, just under four hours from taking off for Sydney, via New Zealand. 352 more words


The Threat Facing Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Others in Gaza | Beyond the Cusp

This summer may prove to end differently than previous summers; it may end without the usual rocket attacks ramping to a crescendo eventually forcing Israel to mount an offensive to put an end to the rockets raining down on Israeli civilian areas. 253 more words



Please send this information to ALL your family & friends, especially those who have kids in the car with them while pumping gas. If this were to happen, they may not be able to get the children out in time… 606 more words


The Challenge: Part II

My original challenge post may have been posted last week, but it was written two months ago. A lot has happened in those two months. I may not have been writing, but I have been staying very busy.  826 more words


We wish to learn all the curious, outlandish ways of all the different countries, so that we can ‘show off’ and astonish people when we get home.

128 more words


Nightmares.  Man, I hate them!  Short, ugly, angry outbursts of mental energy that send me scurrying from the dreamworld and back into the waking world and robbing me of much needed sleep. 383 more words


Baggage: It's Inevitable

It’s inevitable. We all come with baggage. Some more than others. We can’t check the baggage at the door or pick it up at the baggage claim when our trip is over. 305 more words

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