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Harsh Words

This is an interesting exchange between God and His people―

God says, “You have said harsh things[*] against Me.” 

“What have we said against You,” the people asked.  168 more words

Writing Prompt Wednesday: Despicable

#79: Use 10 Words to Describe a despicable human being.

  1. Lying
  2. Cheating
  3. Greedy
  4. Sneaky
  5. Rude
  6. Abusive
  7. Sadistic
  8. Deceitful
  9. Ignorant
  10. Inconsiderate

Side Note: Rude Fruit

I love fruit and I love apples; in particular granny smith apples. It was by a stroke of luck that this apple just happened to be amongst all the ‘normal’ apples. 53 more words

Thank You

Two words have the power to change hearts and minds. It doesn’t cost anything, but without social application, it does invoke hurt feelings, and contempt. Yes, it has happened. 97 more words


What possesses a dad to wear a “F**K OFF” Tee shirt to a children’s party?

I see this sort of thing all the time and everywhere too – in MacDonald’s, on the street, even on the school run. 332 more words


Wits End

Don’t say something nice, say something shrewd,

And if that won’t suffice add something lewd.

If you think of something clever,

By all means make it your endeavor, 9 more words