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Everyday is Clean Up Australia Day

For the past twenty five years I’ve supported, in a very small way, the Clean Up Australia Day campaign.  Basically, I’d beep enthusiastically at the volunteers as I drove past, while cheerfully pointing out any items of rubbish they’ve missed. 288 more words

On A Lighter Note...

Carrier Bags in Trees

I hate litter! Cans, bottles, sweet wrappers, chewing gum trodden into the pavement. But most of all I hate carrier bags caught on twigs and fluttering in the trees. 189 more words

My Thoughts

Kauai 'Pay as You Throw' trash program starts in July

Kauai residents will soon be asked to pay as you throw.

It’s a new trash pickup program where the more trash you have the more money you’ll have to pay. 243 more words


In the end it took a previously incarcerated rapper to get it right.

Over the past year I’ve been repeatedly confused by someone incorrectly using the term humbling in my presence/on the TV. Typically, this person will explain something wonderful they have achieved, note that this achievement was in some way recognized by other people and then… they go on to say that this experience was humbling. 646 more words

Not About Poo

on small walks

With few exceptions, my photography has been limited to the small walks I’ve been doing in and around Encounter Bay with Kayla and Ari in both the morning and evening. 160 more words

Daily Walks

Loathy London: Boohoo.co.uk (A Review by Pinar Djafer)

The fashion capital’s reputation is in the hands of sloppy sites like Boohoo.com.

Boohoo.com is famous amongst teenage Brits because of its cheap tat. With student discount, promotional codes and offers added to the already affordable items of clothing, Boohoo.com appears to be a place for stylish and affordable fashion. 662 more words

P******* fairy taking the p***

I ve not been able to get out much recently what with short winter days and rubbish weather so thought I d have a go on the turbo. 82 more words

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