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What is waste?

Hello Daisy families!

I hope you are having a fabulous weekend!

On Monday the Daisies will be discussing what they think waste is. In order to prepare them for that so that they feel confident in contributing can you let your Daisies have a look in the bin!? 56 more words


Blind Swing and Miss

pigmy ran with a slug slouched on her left shoulder
a lady bug on her bowler hat.

Slug desired more than this thankless task
of keeping alive on an errandess… 115 more words


Yelp.com their turn to be reviewed

So if you have read my previous review regarding how cliquey yelp Edinburgh is your going to love this! 356 reviews and still not an Elite member. 327 more words


Plastic bag lobby isn’t going down without a fight | Reveal


Corporate lobbying should be outlawed and shunned as completely anti-progress. Any process that is designed to aid profit to the detriment of public health or environmental protection should go.



Pupils dilate




Neurons race through tunnels

Careening out of control

Control lost

Brace for impact


Ideas lost to the void


-B. C. Werner


Throwaway Culture a cause of Increasing Pollution?

Clean Water Action (CWA), an American environmental advocacy group working for clean, safe and affordable water in the USA, found from their research in Oakland, Richmond, San Jose, and South San Francisco from October 2010 to April 2011 that… 561 more words

Rubbish Run #useyourrun

Today I was planning to do some hill repetitions. It didn’t go to plan.

There is a decent hill near to where I take my children to school. 588 more words