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Abby Martin Leaving RT, "Breaking The Set"

Abby Martin Last Show – Never Stop Breaking the Set!

RT Host Who Criticized Russia’s Ukraine Invasion Is Leaving The Network

Abby Martin says “Breaking the Set” is coming to an end. 331 more words


Who spends more on 'propaganda'? The debate rages on.

We are in the midst of yet another round of “who spends more on propaganda?” between Western officials, the news organisations that (by and large) echo their views, and RT — Russia’s equivalent to the BBC World Service. 1,017 more words


Why Liz Wahl Resigned From RT


Abby Martin explains why Liz Bitch sold her soul, for CNN “fame.”

 Does anyone watch CNN anymore? I thought it was used to help the elderly fall asleep. 12 more words


MM104 - Assassination in Russia

Bill Still, Mar 1, 2015

Russians today march in Moscow in memory of Putin’s primary critic, Boris Nemtsov.


MH-17 documentary interviews international experts

Reflections on MH17
From Russia Today



Startling information about what was done and what wasn’t done in the investigation. This is an overview documentary on some of the issues. 86 more words