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  DM RSS Reader is tool created with Microsoft .NET 4.5 with Syndication namespace for easily integrating RSS Feed to your app.You can find the project in CodePlex.


America's grocery market: Dining out on Walmart's lunch

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America's grocery market


Walmart's results show that life is still rough for retailers in America


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Money talks: Hurrying up

GREECE'S looming debt payments, America's deadline for prosecuting white collar financial crimes and Europe's improving economy
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Wed, 2015-06-03

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What It Takes To Lift Families Out Of Poverty

New charities pop up all the time. But how do you know which ones work? Economists have come up with a strategy to figure it out. 23 more words

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Italy’s regional divide: A tale of two economies

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The great distortion

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Italy’s regional divide


As the north limps ahead, the south swoons


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Adair Turner on debt: Leverage Leviathan

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Fri, 2015-05-29

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Economic policy and recessions: How will we cope with another downturn?

HOW strong is the American economy? Forecasters are pretty confident; the average prediction is for 2.6% GDP growth this year and for 2.8% next. But actual growth was just an annualised 0.2% in the first quarter and, after disappointing retail sales numbers for April, the Atlanta Fed's GDPnow model, which was pretty accurate about Q1, is going for just 0.7% annualised in Q2. 192 more words

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