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All Out for International Working Women' Day! Smash Capitalism, Imperialism, and Hetero-patriarchy!

This Sunday, March 8, join us for the 101st commemoration of the International Working Women’s Day. International Working Womens Day was created in the early 20th century by revolutionaries (revolutionary women in particular) such as Clara Zetkin, Aleksandra Kollontai, and Vladimir Lenin. 664 more words


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All Out Against War Criminal Petraeus! CUNY for the People, Not Imperialists!

Once again, the students and people of New York will come out to condemn the hiring of former CIA Director David Petraeus to Macaulay Honors College. 327 more words


Strength and Conditioning Coach... What???

When I was asked what I do, I had to explain what a Strength and Conditioning Coach is and is not, complete with comparisons. It usually takes me more than ten sentences. 560 more words

From My Vantage Point


We charge the state with genocide! Only one week after the non-indictment of Darren Wilson, the snake that takes it form in racist police violence reared its ugly head again with the non-indictment of killer cops Justin Damico and Daniel Pantelo in the death of Eric Garner. 542 more words

PYO Statements

Liberation for Women Means Liberation From Sexual Violence and All Forms of Oppression!

In the beginning of this fall 2014 semester, Emma Sulkowicz began carrying her mattress around campus to protest the mishandling of her sexual assault case by Columbia University’s administration. 852 more words


CUNY Students Disrupt NY State Governor Cuomo

CUNY students protested NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo when he came to speak at Hostos Community College. Although the university told students that it would be a forum to ask the governor questions, it turned out to be a Democratic Party function for Cuomo to promote himself for elections. 405 more words


Our Lives Don't Matter: A Call to Action for National Day of Protest Against Police Brutality

This October 22, organizations all over the country commemorate the National Day of Action Against Police Brutality. The Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee calls on all youth and students to join the rally in Union Square to stand with the families of the people who fell victims to the relentless violence the U.S. 692 more words