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More variations on Ars Magica Damage spells

During a discussion of the best and worst Forms to inflict damage in Ars Magica had a segway into the best and worst ways to hurt a mundane vs hurting a wizard. 376 more words


The dating sim RPG fans have been waiting for!

Ever feel like dating sims are… lacking something?
Well this just might be the dating sim for you! College Humor has put up a RPG dating sim and let me tell you it is fantastic! 23 more words


Gaming With God: The Goddess Of Lunar

Everyone enjoys a love story. Boy meets girl, girl is attracted to boy, boy does his best to impress girl, boy later finds out that girl is really a goddess…wait, what? 801 more words


ANTIGEN CON GM Submissions Are Open

The other day I talked about this free online RPG event for those of that can’t for one reason or another attend GENCON. The event organizer Jez Gordon has opened up a thread for interested GMs to submit their games. 94 more words


ESO comic: Ambush!

Click for larger image.  Ambush is a stealth attack where you leap and execute a deadly attack on your unsuspecting victim.  It is quite easy to target the wrong thing :P


The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt - Battling Imlerith

Who thought this dude with his cheap BS was a good idea?!

Anyone who has played computer games has faced epic boss battles. Some of my favourites were in 

468 more words
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Sympathy For The Devil: A Look At Devilian

Today I signed up for the Devilian beta (I think), navigating a number of broken buttons and website errors.

Trion’s ship looks creaky, with lots of hate in recent… 644 more words

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