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Roll Call: Chris Brown ABSENT

Chris Brown’s baby Royalty just celebrated her first birthday. All is well except for one major thing: Young Breezy was ABSENT!

Royalty’s mother, Nia Guzman is alleging the singer has been rocking the Deuces on his fatherly responsibilities. 44 more words


"10 Royal Mistresses Who Had Their Men by the Crown Jewels"

Can anyone resist such a title? Fond of history, I enjoy reading articles such as these, especially enjoy the visuals, that memorialize the enduring human qualities and behaviors associated with attraction, sexuality, lust, desire, power and manipulation, the give and take of the human condition. 35 more words


Chris Brown's baby Mama claims he didnt spend a dime on his daughter-Royalty's birthday

Sources close to Chris Brown’s baby mama, NiaGuzman, said Chris Brown didn’t show up for his daughter’s 1 year birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. They said ChrisBrown’s daughter, Royalty only got a phone call from her dad on her first birthday. 107 more words

Ent Gist

Chris Brown Was A No Show At His Daughter's 1st Chuck E. Cheese Birthday Party

It turns out that Chris Brown missed his daughter’s first birthday party.

Not only that, it seems like Breezy¬†didn’t help pay for Royalty‘s first party at Chuck E. 170 more words


12 Great African Women In History You Should Know


Queen Ahmose-Nefertari (circa 1570-1530 B.C.) was an active participant, along with her husband King Ahmose, in the final defeat and ejection from Africa of the hated Hyksos invaders and occupiers. 2,081 more words


Visiting Royalty

t wasn’t too long ago that Prince William and Princess Kate visited here from England. It was noted by papers and newscasts all around the country. 251 more words

Legend of Basara Volume 2

Since my Volume 1¬† post was so long, I decided to split the two up. Maybe I shouldn’t do summary format, and just talk about the important parts….I’ll figure it out… 1,148 more words