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Buddy catching a snowball (54 frames)

Rotoscoped Hand Flipping

It’s the weekend again.

There’s too little to do, and too much to think about. Naturally, I created a rotoscoped GIF of my hand flipping over infinitely. 9 more words

Project Sketchy Sketches

The Pub by Joseph Pierce

The Pub – Joseph Pierce

Just watched this and had to give it a mention!!

The animation is clearly made using a rotoscope technique in black and white but the addition of animalistic behaviors and the vision and the visions of interpreting different customers as things other than human is truly bizarre and wonderful at the same time as i feel it works really nicely with the slightly obvious live action film work. 19 more words

So Lifelike!

And one more stand-out from last week’s matinee, before this week’s matinee: THE MIGHTY HEROES!

This cartoon series is by an animator that I’ve known about for a long time – Ralph Bakshi. 483 more words

Promos and Ads

Another piece of work produced for my course at Ravensbourne, this time a piece of promotion work for a radio show, In my case it was for ‘In  our Time’ on BBC Radio 4. 128 more words