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Together, We Can Do It

I suppose we all despair at times about the future of America. Politicians do. New-makers do.

Then the Fourth of July rolls around and something old, something new, something red, white, and blue renews our faith in America. 48 more words


Vagina Monologues not Dialogue...

“Why is it the “Vagina Monologue”? and not the “Vagina Dialogue”?  Because when Vagina speaks it never shuts up and doesn’t listen…”  Adam Wolfe

Change - can do

I suspect our attitude towards change is like our attitude towards death and taxes — it should be postponed as long as possible. But change is inevitable, natural, and part of the fabric of our lives, our families, and our parish community. 514 more words


LA photo exhibition brings 'Rosie the Riveter' era of Second World War women workers into modern times

LOS ANGELES — Her male colleagues jokingly call her a forewoman, and Ami Rasmussen jokes right back that she’s really a fivewoman because when it comes to building trains she can do the work of five men. 632 more words


Rosie the Riveter: Levittown woman remembers life as a Rosie, hopes others will too

Matt Schickling, the Wire

Never did Mae Krier think she would experience so much excitement at the age of 90.

Last Wednesday, she was buzzing around her Levittown home, about 30 hours removed from a cross-country flight from Richmond, California. 839 more words

Bucks County

'Women Can Build: Re-Envisioning Rosie' runs May 22–June 30

Woman Can Build is a collection of photography inspired by the iconic idea and image of Rosie the Riveter. She became the symbol for strong and capable woman during World War II, when women began to fill jobs traditionally held by men. 259 more words

Save The Date

Rosie the Riveter

Few images are as enduring or distinctive as that of Rosie the Riveter. This no-nonsense woman in overalls became a symbol of resourcefulness and the wartime spirit; and continues to evoke these things today. 130 more words