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Home and Exile: Uprooted and Growing New Roots - May Sarton

“I too have known the inward disturbance of exile,

The great peril of being at home nowhere,

The dispersed center, the dividing love;

Not here, nor there …”

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Ancestral Spiritual Lineage

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[caption id="attachment_6872" align="alignleft" width="225"]Deep Roots and Spring Growth. Photo by Jamie Walters, 2011. Deep Roots and Spring Growth. Photo by Jamie Walters, 2011.[/caption] Since I'm in the midst of 'moving house' as some of my friends say, and thus only marginally 'plugged in' for another week or so, it seemed appropriate to share this Sophia's Children post from a year ago. Musings on 'home and exile' include a few of my favorite insights from May Sarton and John O'Donohue, though they also connect in to the long tendrils and whispers of ancestral memory and voices, too. You'll see related posts and inspirations just below, too, if you want to follow this thread of reflection to see where it leads you (and what it evokes from within). While I'm 'shifting roots' and moving into my new flat, I'm wishing you the blessings and inspirations of your own deep-rootedness, and also the heart-yearnings that sometimes lead us into new growing grounds!. Big Love, Jamie

no expectations

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared some words with the world, so here goes…

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with expectations and what that means to me, how it affects my thought process and my overall ‘mood’.   196 more words


The Search for Roots.

I’ve never felt settled, even as a teenager I was restless. It shouldn’t have really surprised anyone when I took off days after finishing my last exam. 474 more words


Indian Jada / Dreadlocks

Indian Dreadlocks / Jada made the Traditional way. All organic materials used. No wax, no Toxicity.
Dreads or Jata were hair worn by Spiritual Masters known as Sadhus

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When to fertilize

Grass has always played an important role in the global ecosystem. It sustains foraging animals — and since the domestication of livestock about 10,000 years ago, in turn sustains humans. 833 more words

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Gig Review: AWME Opening Night

First published on Melbourne Arts Fashion on November 17, 2014.

The Australian Worldwide Music Expo brands itself as “The Southern Hemisphere’s premier Roots music event”. It’s a hefty title, one you need to live up to should you wish to bestow it upon your event. 462 more words