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The Roommate

I met Toni in Buenos Aires. He was Timo’s friend, my couchsurfer. After some travelling Toni decided to stay in Argentina and study Medicine, a career he couldn’t pursue in Germany because his high school grades were not good enough. 787 more words


Let's Decipher My Roommate

Emily Ocwieja of Chicago, Illinois, people.

HBIC. A nursing student at Villanova University, Emily is a lover of botany, a diabetic babysitter, a frequenter of country music, Anthropologie’s most valued customer (in her mind only), and the person who I share a 12’x15′  633 more words


Hello again. It feels good to be back. Writing tends to be therapy for me, if you couldn’t tell. Honestly, when things are going well and I’m busy, I don’t feel the urge to write. 729 more words


Silent Days

The sun shines in the large cracks at the side of the blinds. Through the open window the sounds of an awakening city can be heard; honks, the rattle of streetcars, voices, music – Melbourne in the summer. 486 more words


4 Classic April Fool's Day Pranks

Story by Andrew Malloy

April Fool’s day is less than a week away, and the jokesters on campus are plotting their annual pranks. In the spirit of this momentous holiday here are some of the best pranks to pull on your roommate or a victim of your choice. 269 more words

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Hot Lovers & Freedom united

I am really lucky to have the boyfriend that I have, but sometimes I still ask myself if there isn’t a needle hidden under this whole perfection. 930 more words

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You fool!

April Fool’s Day is less than 48 hours away, however my roommates and I couldn’t contain ourselves. We needed to play a timeless prank on someone as soon as possible. 284 more words

April Fool's Day