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The Best I Can

A Rondeau…

My mom said “do the best you can”
back when I was nine or ten.
It recently occurred to me
that my “best” is an anomaly, 100 more words


Poem: The Face of Evil

The Face of Evil

Though evil bares its face in day,
O, do not fear or flee away
But stand in righteous, godly might
With pure and holy lives upright… 240 more words


week 349 ~ pack up all your dreams

pack up all your dreams
for what will be will
look the future gleams
pack up all your dreams
harder than it seems
banishing fears still… 10 more words


week 348 ~ it's aggravating

it’s aggravating
when you choose to care
there’s no debating
it’s aggravating
results never there
it’s aggravating
when you choose to care


Afterthought 134—Hurricane Planning

Unless they say so, prepare for the worst.  Pack
as though you'll be gone a month or more. Shack
up with friends unvisited since last event, upstate
far enough to avoid storm surge. 119 more words

From His Writing Desk

A coffin’s dark and dreary gloom
Inspires the mind with mystic doom.
The writer’s then a willing slave
To dreadful demons of the grave.

The deathly aura of the tomb… 183 more words


Speaking out - Rondeau

Speaking out loud, makes the words come true

An idea that turns into, a spark of something new

Hesitation clips your wings and doesn’t let you soar… 196 more words