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'Time Will Have his Fancy' - A Poem

‘You’re near enough’, the desk-clock says,

And as Fred watches in his bed

Its hands arrest themselves. They stop,

Then twitch, as gradually his clock… 67 more words


Rondeau - Patriot - SD

“Shared Heritage”

Are we not all of Mother Earth?
For one ‘from’ bears their roots’ worth. 106 more words

Schizophrenic Summers

Ode to a Stuck Drawer

Oh stuck-fast drawer what do you hold
your treasures are as yet untold
I wonder what you hide from me
but you are stuck I cannot see… 76 more words


week 332 ~ there is simply too much snow

there is simply too much snow
landscape bleached white without heed
to where all of it will go
there is simply too much snow
shovel plow but we all know… 18 more words


Episode 284: Interview with Art Rondeau

In this episode we interview Art Rondeau who worked with Allan Houston and Chris Dudley in the late 90’s.  Since this is a story about working with the Knicks there is obviously drama involved because it’s the Knicks.

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A Wolf

You are a wolf in sheep’s clothes,
Walking unseen by your foes.
I have listened to your lies,
Found the truth inside your eyes,
You believe that no one knows. 57 more words


week 329 ~ sing a song of nevermind

sing a song of nevermind
for truth enmired in rubble
I don’t want to seem unkind
sing a song of nevermind
but if pushed I think you’ll find… 15 more words