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The Calm After the Storm: The End to the Silent Crisis of the Early Christian Faith

I have to admit – I am absolutely fascinated with the concept of knowing what the history books never tell.

Combined with a bit of an obsession for reclaiming the sacred, within hearts as well as in the overarching landscape of our world, I suppose it is almost inevitable that I am frequently striving to see… 2,959 more words


How to do the Vatican like a boss!

First, let’s debunk a few myths about the Vatican. There are lots of unanswered questions floating around, so without spoiling a potential trip to the Vatican, here are the facts. 775 more words


I don't care what they say. Size matters!

Just over two thousand people live in Columbia City, our home town. It is 1.15 square miles in size – small enough that everyone knows their neighbors and big enough that every house has a large yard. 1,064 more words


How to do Rome on a budget?

Before I sink my teeth into this, I should give you a reality check and my personal opinion of Rome. Rome is a tale of two cities: Central Rome is a prosperous, grandeur feat of ancient imperialism with more worldwide sights than any other city on the planet, and the outskirts of Rome are the battle-scars of an austerity stricken, impoverished, squalid, piss-stained excuse of a capital city. 775 more words


Papa’s Rome

The sun in a baby blue sky warms the cold, worn, chocolate-gray stone of Rome’s pantheon as the amorous couples, the bone-tired parents pushing bawling children in overloaded strollers, flock like crows to dazzling stones, wishing, wanting to capture in memory and on memory cards the brutal, peaceful, tyrannical, blood-soaked history seen by the tight-lipped marbled Corinthian columns. 260 more words


Be aware of Greeks bearing debts

Greece is, you see, the opposite of California, and I’ll tell you why.

The first thing is: Greece is very old. California is, on the other hand, very new. 959 more words

Rome: The Colosseum

Most major cities have famous landmarks, and undoubtedly one of Rome’s must be the world-famous Colosseum.

Obligatory #tourist #photo from inside the #Colosseum #Rome…

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