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Day 254 - Signing Out

That’s me off on my holidays now. Not sure I’ll be updating whilst I’m away, so if this is the first break in my “100 Happy Days” I think I can forgive myself. 37 more words

100 Happy Days

Doing the Tourist Thing

Four weeks from yesterday, I will be landing in Rome. 27 days from now. There’s still so much to do! But right now I feel like reviewing all the tours I’ve signed up for. 1,183 more words

Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday is a 1953 film shot in Rome, Italy. In Monarch mind control programming, ‘roman holiday’ is a metaphor for dissociation (see I see Butterflies everywhere… 2,070 more words

Ciao Tutte!

So, this is the first post on my brand new blog. You are probably thinking, “Hannah. Why did you decide to start writing a blog two weeks before you are leaving to go back to America after spending a WONDERFUL four months in Rome, Italy?!” 149 more words


Rome: This is What Dreams are Made of (Part One)

Yes, that was a Lizzie McGuire Movie reference.

Rome captured my heart and lit my imagination on fire. Paris was all right, but Rome felt like an exotic paradise––a place where dreams were real and history sizzled in the air as it mixed with pasta and gelato and iconic monuments bathed in glorious sunshine. 1,785 more words

Excitement bubbling over

To say I’m excited is certainly an understatement! After the meeting with an agent from Maties Travel during the week, my plans for September are in full swing. 293 more words