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"Lavande" by Ann Beattie, in Granta

I just came across “Lavande,” a highly complex but subtle story by Ann Beattie, on Granta. The narrator is a wife and mother who has spent years watching her daughter’s self-destructive behavior. 186 more words


Palatine Hill and the Colosseum

May 20th 2015

On Wednesday we had a slower start to the day (compared to our early morning dash to the Vatican the previous day).  We made our way down one of the surrounding streets for a delicious morning tea.   804 more words


Colosseum, Arch of Constantine & Circus Maximus

A bit wet out today, so not much happened.

Visited the Colosseum. It was indeed Colossal. Then visited the remains of the Circus Maximus, and almost made it to the forum before the sky opened and I got drenched. 106 more words


Vatican Fountain

Another photograph I took while in Rome (or technically the Vatican if you want to be pedantic). I really like the contrast of this, blue as blue can be, and the flowing water raining from the top of the image to the bottom. 18 more words


How to Cross the Mediterranean for Cheap

When you travel young, you usually travel cheap. And that’s just what Alicia and I did when we decided that on the day after graduation, we’d be heading to Europe. 730 more words


ciao from rome!

I’m in Rome! I made it. Yesterday, by the time my flight got in and I got my luggage, it was 11 AM or later. I think I got maybe 3 non-consecutive hours of sleep on the plane. 256 more words



I’ve long been fascinated by bridges and the way they frame and colour the waters which flow beneath them. Perhaps it’s that they are a natural metaphor for hope and unity, or perhaps it’s just I’ve always hated getting my feet wet. 69 more words

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