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Seduction by Poem...


Written by Ostara, Miss Goodwitch

I could come over, you know.

I could run your bath water and sing you lullabies.

We could sing in tandem with a melody of love. 95 more words


A New Chapter Of Life

Keep your eyes locked in mine
And believe me everything will be fine
I’m gonna get down on my knee
And you wonder what it would be… 109 more words

Rearview mirror

Rearview Mirror by Mai yolyz

In the car backseat

while the driver leading the way

He told me “Don’t worry ,I’ll take you somewhere safe” 75 more words


She said i can easily fall in love with you
so lets be friends
you in your situation so then


Said i’ve met all your virtues… 143 more words

Lino Robles

What Is That I Saw In You

What is that I saw in you ,
that wherever I see I see only you .
Can find in a million only a few  . 144 more words