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Gypsy Feminist

I’m a feminist and part of my ancestry is Roma. I am proud of both of these aspects of my identity, but both remain controversial in their own right. 1,232 more words


I'm No Muggle

I’m no Muggle,in fact quite the opposite. I harness up my wolves and we venture out into the night. The moon is full and the air is electric. 18 more words


Gypsies and Shepherds

Ok, I have a theory.  The gypsies and shepherds in Greece are going to be the groups that best weather whatever happens with the Greek crisis.   539 more words



În loc să vă duceţi la al XVI-lea Congresul de dacomanie,de unde ieşiţi mai proşti decât aţi intrat,mai bine daţi o fugă la Porolissum Fest… 25 more words


Italian Style Pendant

Isn’t this a great piece of vintage jewelry?

Să le mulțumim din inimă hoților

A furat, dar măcar a făcut ceva pentru țară.

A furat, dar măcar a făcut ceva pentru oraș.

A furat, dar măcar a făcut ceva pentru companie. 72 more words


The Romani: village economics, nontheist, personal values-oriented

Commonly called the gypsies, their culture and race is so old lay-people can just talk about contemporary observations: The nomadic Romani (gypsy) people are known for their deep-rooted traditions. 466 more words

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