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The Infamous Sausage Roll

So as I sit here at my desk at work enjoying the delight that is a Quorn Sausage Roll, the only thing running through my mind is ‘What’s that funny taste in my mouth?’. 257 more words

Dividend Risk on RY Position

I was naked long on RY stock for several months and now they turn on the afterburners after I sell covered calls on them. That’s bad timing, but nobody told me. 127 more words


Korean Dried Seaweed Rice Roll (Kimbap 김밥)

So what does Kimbap/Gimbap remind me of? Picnics (소풍 sopung)!!!  School picnic was probably my most favorite day of all my school days when I was little. 1,124 more words

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BMO and SU Rolled, G Expired for Apr Expiration

My BMO Apr 78 and SU Apr 37 calls were deep ITM for expiration week. BMO was trading around 79.20 and SU was around 40. I had to decide whether I will take assignment and lose the position or keep the campaign going on these stocks. 77 more words



0_0 ………………I am now proud to say that our blog has 40 followers!!!!!!! XD I’m not entirely sure if that’s such a big achievement, but I am proud to announce it none the less, I’m not sure if it’s much to ask but I would really love to hear from you all in the comments (although now I just realized how dumb this post may be since I’m usually talking to my usual viewers) but I’d still like to congratulate not me, but you all ^_^ without any of this blogs viewers OUR blog wouldn’t be possible. 94 more words

Best gifts 2014: Norimaki Sushi Roll Towels

Norimaki Sushi Roll TowelsThe Norimaki Sushi Roll Towels are available a dry bamboo leaf-style wrapping historically used for serving sushi.
At first look, the three “sushi towels” seem like norimaki (sushi roll with seaweed), full with the colourful filling for natto-maki, kappa-maki and tekka-maki rolls…. 10 more words

Best Gifts 2014