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Still on Hiatus: On Selling Our House, (Not) Playing D&D, Phandelver, and Princes of the Apocalypse

It’s been another month of not getting any gaming done around here, combined with the stress of getting our house ready to sell. If all goes well though I will be back in my hometown in a few weeks, where my brother has a reliable weekly game going. 410 more words


new web series!

Austen and Will are proud to announce that we are hard at work coming up with a new web series to bring to our fans. This is literally being written while we are shooting the footage for our first few episodes. 74 more words


Traveller Small Craft: New Launch Models

I wanted a different launch for my 2000 Dton Jump Freighter I am working on. The shuttle bay just didn’t fit the standard ‘Traveller’ launch designs – so the deck plan elves got busy.  32 more words


U is for: Utari militia

The Utari militia are the standing military forces of the Old Crown.

The Utari date back to before the conquest of the Moorish, when the main ship used by the escapees from Istan was called an Utar. 457 more words


D&D 5e Character Sheet Updates

There are drawbacks to being a long-time devotee to a piece of software. Because Opera has been my default browser since version 5, someone had to point out to me the custom search function that every other browser has since copied and which I can no longer live without. 622 more words


Ell's Notes

Notes from Ellyiah Bethel Dahila Pattenella Filary Tyesha Mehalk’s data tablet.

Title: Crow Father, Part 4

All of the warriors exited promptly after Aristarchus shot the Voicer in the head, screaming “Heretic!” 

2,607 more words

A-z month almost finished

Coming into the home stretch with my A-z month, and I’ve really enjoyed it.

I’ve had most of the letter planned out since the start of the month, but changed a few of them as I got to them – if I’m not in the mood to write o a certain topic, I have too much trouble actually committing and getting it done. 210 more words