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Shadowrun: Spicy Salsa (Play Report)

Mostly Flesh and Steel: I, Spy.

Following the path that I took with Icarus Protocol, I decided that the strings were going to increasingly come off with this run and my players were to have far more say in how the run is planned and how they handled things. 1,927 more words


Star Wars Beginner Boxes!

My most recent pair of roleplaying acquisitions:

Very keen to give these two games a try in future and give some thoughts on the guild! With some luck I will hopefully be able to acquire Force and Destiny’s boxed set and then somehow turn all three into some larger campaign. 219 more words


A friend of  mine decided to run a new pathfinder game with monsters.  Here is the backstory he is giving us before the first game: 529 more words

Dark Beauty

D is for: Daebru, daimon, jinn and other spirits

Sit down, child. We’ll begin your lesson with talk of the spirits.

The spirits have lots of names. Spirits, jinn, daebru, peria, and of course daimon. 758 more words


Rock, Punk - Afterthought 5


Rock, Punk – Afterthought 5

The chaos continues as we barrel through conversation, untethered by adherence to any particular RPG.  Are we talking about Cheese Dudes?  30 more words


WIP - Heavy Merchant (2,000 Dtons)

My favourite role-playing game is Classic Traveller by Games Designer Workshop.  I love the whole concept of the Traveller RPG and even quite like the ‘official’ Traveller Universe. 153 more words


Chorizone's poetic verses and opening scenes #2

The first flag
Funding from the Student Council

That one frosty day of February
The last petals of spring, the first streaks into summer
Just a simple gathering of friends, just another Sunday morning…
192 more words