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Structural Strain Theory

It’s not like I didn’t have anything to do. I did. I had plenty to do. Bran was on me about, I don’t know, something that needed my seal on it. 635 more words


Fiery (NPC) Death

Session Date: Friday 27 March 2015. Continued from previous session

Having survived their encounter with the leader of the warriors of wrath, the heroes healed up and continued their exploration of the Halls of Wrath. 259 more words


The Official Duckman RPG - System Mastery 40


System Mastery 40 – Duckman

He’s just one more duck detective, that works with a pig, lives with the twin sister of his dead wife, three sons on two bodies, and a mother-in-law with so much gas, she’s a fire hazard.  106 more words


My Ad Astra Schedule!

As promised, I am posting my scheduled panels at Ad Astra, Toronto’s premier speculative fiction convention, which runs from April 10-12!  Hope to see you there. 221 more words

Trail of Cthulhu: Dodgy Shipping (Play Report)

Dead Wake

When I planned Night of the Curved Knife this particular part with the cruise ship and the investigators attempt to prevent a major mythos tragedy at sea, was supposed to just be just the conclusion. 2,033 more words


A Study of Glee's Studies

Most television shows aren’t monumental enough to have studies conducted on their behalf (save for the ones that determine whether it’s worth keeping on the air), let alone scholarly ones. 800 more words


Bolstering Creativity With.... Roleplaying Games?

So, anyone who reads this blog will be well aware of the emphasis on creativity, creative endeavours and trying to preserve that particular trait within people and perhaps more importantly, preserve their confidence in that particular trait. 460 more words