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The Faerie Gift

((catchup post – original RP 29 Oct 14))

I would have thought, by now, that I would have become used to dealing with the fae, and in particular, the traps and pitfalls regarding gifts and gratitude. 828 more words


Two Hunters

((catch-up post – original RP 27 oct 14))

The mist brings us yet another visitor. This time, a travelling elf by the name of Ivoron. At least, he would seem to be elven, judging by appearances, even if I know those to be unreliable. 476 more words


Double Edged Sword

 ((Original RP 26 Oct 2014 – this is a catch-up post))

I have never considered myself a powerful person. Oh, Mother would try to convince me that I was; that I had power over the bullies by denying them the reaction they wanted, and perhaps I did, but I never considered that as being powerful. 1,355 more words


Chocolate Mead

It seems that I have not been the only one affected by the fae wellspring. Aoibheann has also got horns now. Rather fetching ones, they are, almost like tree limbs. 966 more words



Nothing, it seems, is ever really gone from us. The old Huntsman and the old Unseelie King still plague us, in spirit, if not in person. 1,686 more words


Signed, sealed, delivered

The Accords are finally agreed. And, as soon as I make a fresh, final copy, they will be signed and sealed.  Something else was sealed too. 1,365 more words


Wake me Up

Reviving Maric from torpor is beginning to become a habit. Well, If twice can be regarded as a habit anyway. I must be learning, since this time, it was achieved without anybody getting their limbs ripped off. 1,190 more words