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Letter From New York 03 24 15 Arrived in New Delhi...

It is 5:30 here in Delhi; the sun is beginning to set, as my usual world is just getting ready to go to work. I arrived safely after a good flight and a few hours sleep on the plane but was very tired after checking in at the India International Center where I am staying for a few days. 656 more words

"It's Time To Focus On The Other Fergusons In America": Lessons Emerging Should Guide A Nationwide Overhaul To Police Reform

A six-month Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation validated what we heard from many Ferguson residents after the August shooting death of Michael Brown drew the nation’s attention to their city: that their police department has, for several years, exhibited a disturbing pattern of discriminatory policing—and, frankly, grift of its citizens. 943 more words


Can't We All Just Get Along?

I was waiting for the right moment to talk about police brutality. This is a serious issue, but it is an issue I had to think long and hard about my opinion. 493 more words


Whatever It Takes: Policing In Popular Culture

Pop culture has long since glorified the deviant practice of the law enforcement officer who does whatever it takes to get the job done. This is predominant in many of our favorite movies and T.V. 1,237 more words

Back in Florida


It’s Black History Month. I’ve opted to revisit a still healing wound that will surely be discussed as a part of Black History Month in the future. 1,018 more words


Quote-of-the-Week 7

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“Why can’t we all just get along?”

(Rodney King)


Jon Stewart, the Rodney King of TV pundits

Elias Isquith on Jon Stewart:

It’s the shallowness of Stewart’s politics that leads to his other notable weakness as a political pundit… his tendency to fall prey to the trap of blaming “both sides.”

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Great Recession