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Prince will perform spontaneous concerts across the US beginning next week

Prince spent much of the last year playing a serious of spontaneous shows across the UK and Europe in promotion of his new solo album… 115 more words


Terrence The Unicorn

I have just crashed my way through a training course earning a rating of F. I think that means I have failed at being a horse but I don’t care because I’m not just any horse, I am TERRENCE THE UNICORN. 14 more words

For in the end .....

Sometimes life seems like weatherworn rocks . Surely they’ve battled waves and wind and worn their scars like trophies but in the end there remains no choice but to give in…. 16 more words


Introducing >>> Nature Thief

Through haunted lyrics and haunting melodies, Nature Thief steal inspiration from the corners of the earth. Melodic fingerpicking often gives way to heavy guitar riffs; ambient synth pads are replaced by driving bass lines and enchanting harmonies, and the result is a sound that ranges from ethereal and dreamy to psychedelic and crunchy. 21 more words


Live Review ~ King King at The Borderline, London

After winning five blues awards in 2014 including ‘Best Band’, King King were hugely anticipated for their UK tour in 2015 and headed to London for a sold out show. 698 more words


Eve-ish MMO Crowfall Makes A Million On Kickstarter

If I were to say to you “Eve-inspired, voxel-based swords ‘n’ sorcery MMO on Kick-” well you’d already have punched me in the face and fallen asleep, let’s be honest. 85 more words