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Yellowcard Interview

I caught up with Yellowcard’s very own Ryan Key for an interview ahead of their coheadline gig with Less Than Jake. Expect talk of tattoos, Coldplay and Spiderman.

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The Cold, Hard Truth

The other night I posed a simple, yet complex question to a friend and fellow music photographer. “Can you ever see yourself enjoying, or even going to a show or concert without your camera?”  It was a question I had to ask, considering I’ve asked it of myself countless times. 134 more words


dreaming of getting the led out

last night i dreamed that i was jamming on led zeppelin’s ‘the battle of evermore’ with some folks. it was awesome.

i’ve been thinking about LZ a lot lately. 392 more words

Philip Basche on Ticked-off Rush Fans, 1982

“If there’s one thing rock journalists dread more than watery drinks at press functions, it’s facing the wrath of Rush fans disgruntled over a less than favorable review.  36 more words

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Chrissie Hynde: Still going down the middle of the road

I was looking forward to interviewing Chrissie Hynde but couldn’t help wondering about the mood in which I’d find the 63-year-old rock legend when she phoned from London at the appointed hour. 1,154 more words


At which point did rock and pop become separate genres? And why?

This is a question I asked on my Facebook account recently and received a number of very intelligent responses from a wide cross-section of people. This in turn is my own opinion. 1,445 more words