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La Sportiva Python has arrived! Such a tight fit for size 5 1/2, my toes have got some adjusting to do. (That is just how climbing shoes are worn, u’ve gotta downsize 1-2 sizes till it hurts but it is still comfortable in general) BUT OVERALL, really love my first climbing shoe 😁 Washed once i unboxed it and hope it air-dries in time for my climb at Climb Central on thurs heehee 😌

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Long Dong Bay; Climb Crack

Yes, I giggled too the first time I heard the name of the popular outdoor climbing spot here in Taiwan. Long Dong translates to Dragon Cave in Chinese. 615 more words


How to tie a Re-Threaded Figure of 8

Step 1

Make a loop, in the rope and thread the rope back round into the loop to create an 8 shape. This is known as a single figure-of-eight. 289 more words


Dancer's Spotlight: Other Forms of Exercise That Dancers Do Other Than Dance

Did you know that professional basketball and football players use ballet to enhance their performance on the field? The finesse, strength and flexibility that is demanded in ballet is also needed during games on the field and the court. 758 more words

10 Uses for the Cordelette

Scott Perkins, Head Guide

1) S.E.R.E.N.E. anchor when constructing a gear belay

2) Tie a ‘Quad’ for 2 piece belays and top ropes

3) Create an extended rappel with 3rd hand Autoblock… 143 more words


Psychology of bouldering competitions: practical tips - PART 1

In April I have participated in 4 bouldering competitions. They were held in different climbing halls, and the system and problems number was each time different.  524 more words

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