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Solemn Times

Don’t you think that some people, perhaps mainly the younger ones.. need to rethink what they refer to as an ‘Inspirational Quote’? Re categorize them to something else.. 660 more words


Kurt Cobain

I watched this movie about Kurt Cobain fiew days ago. As you may have noticed, I love rock music and that includes Nirvana. I was always kinda disappointed that He took his own life. 182 more words


Meet Janani

Janani is an alternative/rock/blues band out of Orlando, FL. They just released their single, “Run (Pick up the Gun)” a few days ago. It’s success is quickly picking up momentum among their fans, as it should. 140 more words


For Your (Re)Consideration: Is the Who Better Than the Beatles?

The Beatles are a lot like Christianity, except that only some people get mad at you if you question Christianity.

It has become commonly accepted that everything about the Beatles—their music, their musicianship and their legacy—is above criticism. 1,189 more words

Carl and the Reda Mafia: Exclusive Interview

Imagine an Indian Rock n Roll singer making music with an Egyptian Funk and Blues guitarist, now toss in a bassist from Greece, along with an energetic drummer from Nigeria and of course lets not forget their Mascot Vito the Rat! 701 more words

Exclusive Interview