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Our Final Invention

Another non-fiction book on the subject of artificial intelligence is OUR FINAL INVENTION, which explores the nature of what a conscious machine brain would mean for human society, and what values it might possess (which could be quite different than our own.) The timing need not be 2045 as set by Ray K. 310 more words


Chappie Movie Review

Chappie begins with promise. The chosen actors are certainly proven in the genre, and the movie is paced fast, using shorthand montage to get over its slow spaces. 456 more words


Our First Real Pour!

Things are starting to shape up here in Ann Arbor!  We’re getting close to nailing down our process, and everyone’s getting practice with working the furnace.   27 more words


Of Robots and Speaking

Right now, I am at a Robotics Team meet. To be specific, it’s super qualifiers. That means that only the teams that beat qualifiers can go. 138 more words

Public Speaking

Living it up at the Hotel WTF

A Japanese firm, apparently, is about to open a hotel staffed almost exclusively by robots.  Just so you don’t get too freaked out, they’ve called it the Henn-na Hotel, or the “Strange Hotel”.   424 more words


Happy Groundhog day!


Couldn’t resist Jill’s suggestion to do a Robot Groundhog, so here he is: 6 more words

Digital Painting