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WATCH: Cheetah robot trained to jump

Watch the video above: MIT cheetah robot trained to jump.

TORONTO – If you’re going to build a cheetah, it’s got to learn to jump, right? 159 more words


Yeah, but Can It Make Me a Martini?

The robot revolution continues apace.  Pretty soon robots will be doing all the jobs “Americans don’t want to do.”



Automation and the Economy of the Future- Part 1 and 2

Part 1: Automation and Industrialization

Within the past decade there has been a widespread fear in Western society of robots taking human jobs. Oxford has recently published a study that projects about 47% of jobs will be cut within the next two decades. 860 more words


Watch the Scariest Robot in the World Jump Over Stuff Automatically

It’s bad enough that Boston Dynamics has made a robotic cheetah that can run nearly 30 m.p.h. (48 km/h). Now MIT has its own cheetah-robot that can autonomously leap tall obstacles in a single bound. 77 more words

Damage Resistant Robots

Plants and animals have a distinct ability to heal themselves. Life depends on it. Until recently, this was one thing machines couldn’t do. Now, adaptive algorithms can treat failures, hurdles, and surprises by modifying existing algorithms while maintaining the original goal. 38 more words


Biomechatronics Lab featured in PCMag article

The Biomechatronics Lab is featured in a PCMag article titled, “Up Close With the ‘BairClaw’ Robot Hand,” written by Sophia Stuart.

The article highlights research conducted with robot hand and arm technology from… 15 more words