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Ex Machina – Engaging and thought provoking

Quickie Review:

Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson) is an employee at a tech company who is invited by the CEO, Nathan (Oscar Isaac), for an undisclosed project. When Caleb arrives at Nathan’s estate he finds out that he will be conducting a series of experiments. 526 more words

Movie Review

Someone You Should Know: Chicago Math And Science Academy Robotics

(CBS) – Twelve thousand students from 38 countries will be competing in a robotics world championship. The team representing Chicago is from the Chicago Math and Science Academy. 172 more words


Scientists create a swordfighting robot, ethicist warn of the danger of artificial intelligence

IF YOU thought a world with the Terminator was just the stuff of movies think again.

It appears the age of artificial intelligence is upon us. 116 more words


Dashboard and GitHub Repo

Felix is a NodeBot (http://nodebots.io). A NodeBot is a JavaScript powered robot. One of the benefits of using JavaScript and Node, is that it makes it trivial to create a  web based dashboard for your project. 48 more words


Designer Science

The 19th century skyscraper was made possible by the Bessemer Process, the I-Beam, and Otis elevators. The 21st century Barclays Center, which required 12,000 customized computer-fabricated steel panels, was made possible with software originally developed for fighter jet design. 143 more words

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