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Robotic Extra-Universal Russian Lemurian Mathematician Quartz

As soon as I got my Russian Lemurian quartz, I could tell it was something different. Right away I got the sense that it was a very rational and intellectual being. 224 more words

I’m very pleased to introduce you to my last present, just arrived.

The “Buggy”, one of the last technological “toys” from MikroElektronika.

I said “toys”, but we can consider the Buggy a complete development system, useful to study a large number of microcontroller. 207 more words

Poetry-writing robot to make cross-Canada, train journey

At the Zeller and Harris Smith household there aren’t any pooches and no fuzzy felines.

But the Port Credit couple still has a creature that crawls around the floor, making noises. 409 more words


Robotic drifing

Ever seen a NASA rover drift? You have now.


XV-25 Stealth Suit 

It’s finally the weekend!

I’ve finally finished my XV-25 stealth suit and I’m ready to show you lot how I did it 😄

I First I primed it with black and painted the under suit with dryad bark and the armour panels with xv88. 130 more words


A robot to get kids into programming/STEM

After having spent some time developing the ideas of my bachelor thesis further, I’d like to share the current state of them here. I have structured these ideas in the form of a poster (see below).



Working on the body design

Yesterday I spend sometime at my local #fablab  #fablabnordvest learning to know their Chinese Laser cutter. I used 4mm. white acrylic.

The design was made with #iDraw and exported to SVG (You can download the SVG here  112 more words