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Project One (Coventry University Projects)

During the first year of Uni, we were tasked to create a virtual automated robot that would traverse either a given path or a random one, all the while avoiding obstacles in its way. 193 more words


Humanizing Your Marketing Strategy

The one constant thing is digital marketing is change. With changing consumer behaviour and technology trends, marketers today have to think about what’s coming up next. 367 more words


Cardboard - Survived by Sarah

WHO: We could call him Hanz because he told me, “that’s my fake internet name,” but who cares. We will call him Cardboard for reasons that will become clear later. 1,856 more words

Wireless Gesture-Controlled Robot

In this project we are going to control a robot wirelessly using hand gestures. This is an easy, user-friendly way to interact with robotic systems and robots. 1,056 more words


Push it to the limit with this epic robot workout routine

If robots need to work out, then I guess that means we really need to hit the gym.