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World's Finest 100 - Luthor in Kandor

World’s Finest 100 (March 1959) lives up to being an anniversary issue, at least as far as the lead story in concerned, as Lex Luthor makes it into the bottle city of Kandor in a story by Finger, Sprang and Kaye. 180 more words

World's Finest 95 - Superman vs Batman, and Green Arrow vs the Red Dart

Dave Wood, Dick Sprang and Ray Burnley craft a fairly silly story in World’s Finest 95 (July/Aug 58).

Batman passes out, and wakes up with super-powers, and a hate on for Superman.  203 more words

World's Finest 94 - Superman ditches Batman for Powerman

An origin is given for the Superman/Batman team, which contradicts all earlier variations of how they met, in a story by Hamilton, Sprang and Kaye in World’s Finest 94 (May/June 1958). 143 more words

Alternate Universe

This White-crowned Robin Chat looks like a weird alternate universe robin with graying hair.

Took this at the Safari Park.