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If Only I had Parents Like That.....(The Birdcage)

You might be thinking “Wait, that movie came out years ago” That is certainly true and I had the unfortunate luck of never seeing it until now. 725 more words


Stealing Jokes - It's easier than ever.

As a comedian who values the opinion of other comics, I could never bring myself to steal a joke. But I can see the appeal, the hardest part of being a comic is writing the jokes. 528 more words


Episode 9: A Merry Friggin' Christmas

This week’s episode just happens to coincide with Memorial Day, so instead of doing the appropriate thing and not being terrible people, we decided to honor the late Robin Williams by watching and discussing one of his final feature films: 2014’s  138 more words


1968: Mork from Ork - In honour of Robin Williams

What can be said about Robin Williams that hasn’t already been said? He was a comedic genius. He was a phenomenal actor. And he was a legend of his time. 1,004 more words


Just Call Me...

Today at work, I channeled my inner Robin Williams.

We have these silly little things that have random advertisements on them (today’s said “Save 25% Ask me How!”) that are supposed to hang from our lanyards. 269 more words