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be inspired, it's not foolish

dear all,

I’ve been thinking a lot about positives and negatives in one’s life. I have to say it is truly hard to make the choice to be happy. 570 more words


Kick off to summer running/walking challenge

To kick off my summer running challenge I decided to participate in the UNICEF clean water challenge which ends July 10th. All you have to do is log a run or walk 6 miles or more and unlock funds that will be used to provide clean water for children in need, 3 days worth of clean water. 676 more words


The Leader Who Had No Title Review

So, I read the notorious book “The Leader Who Had No Title” by Robin Sharma, which is probably a must in every lame book collection. 614 more words


My New Faith in Me

The last few months have been challenging….nothing major….just dealing with people.  But today, I start fresh…a new way of living life.  This comes after reading 2 amazing books and talking to some very awesome people.  126 more words

Another Awesome Book!

Finished another book today!  An inspirational book with life lessons that seem like they should be  common sense…but not so much as we forget them in the heat of our life!  12 more words

成為超班的訣竅: 早起的5個方法 - 羅賓‧夏瑪 (Robin Sharma)

羅賓‧夏瑪 (Robin Sharma) 是世界頂尖的領導學 (Leadership) 專家,對於成功和領導他有獨特的看法。在羅賓‧夏瑪看來,每個人都是領導者,不論你正在擔任那個崗位的工作,只要你全情投入,你就是領袖。每個人都可以「Lead Without A Title」。

以下是 羅賓‧夏瑪 對於早起提出的5個方法,超班人馬也是這樣做著的,只要你願意踏出第一步,這個不一樣就會發生在你身上!

早起方法(一): 變得超級強壯 (Get Super Fit)

早起方法(二): 週未按摩 (Weekend Massage)

早起方法(三): 停止過度飲食 (Ear Less to Get More Energy) 40 more words


Live 13 Months In 1 Year

“I’m a night owl”, I said last night to a co-worker as we were trying to find a time for coffee away from work.  She replied she is too, so we decided after work might be the best time.  479 more words

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