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I’ve just finished reading Robin Cook’s novel, Acceptable Risks, published in 1995. It was a Goodwill purchase, sorry Mr. Cook. The work whose blurb proclaimed, ‘One of Cook’s best,” I don’t agree with. 2,026 more words


Blue Noir. Lift To The Scaffold. Miles Davis. The Cinema of Louis Malle Part 1

Should we depressed people immerse ourselves in Noir? I’ve always been drawn to dark culture, gallows humour and a vicarious life of crime. I didn’t have any choice as to Kink, which can take you to very dark places, especially combined with drink and drugs, (as not recommended by scene preachers, widely indulged all the same.) Ecstasy and transcendence may only be a temporary solution – kicks, as some called it when this movie was made – but it works in the moment. 540 more words

Coma (1978)

Michael Douglas famously referred to Coma as the first time he was a part of something with a good story, a good cast, and a good director. 803 more words

Ed Harris

Reading Update - Terminal, Robin Cook [Prologue-Chapter 3]

I am currently reading Robin Cook’s Terminal, published in 1993. Right now, I am on chapter three.


The first page of this book captures my immediate attention with a quite from Francois Rabelais: “Science without conscience is but the ruin of the soul.” Grave words to open a story with…for a reader who enjoys such gravity, they are inescapably attractive. 267 more words

I have listed some books on my Ebay.

I have added  paperback books to my Ebay Listings.

Here is the link to my list it is also in my blog roll Arlene’s Ebay Listings. 151 more words


Call the Doctor*

Among the many changes we’ve seen in the world of medicine in the last 100 years is what many people call the demise of the house call. 1,172 more words

Agatha Christie