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Roasted Vegetables and Pesto Puy Lentils

This dish is the perfect summer supper that is light, easy to make and so delicious. The lentils are packed with protein and very high in fibre. 364 more words


Quinoa, lentil and roasted veg salad

Another great meal to make in large quantities and have in your lunch box through the week. At first it might seam like a lot of ingredients and fuss, but believe me – it really is quite simple. 118 more words



Watching football or a film and you want something healthy to munch?

Ok, put on some really good dance music and rip up the energy! Give the kitchen some real welly as you dance! 242 more words


Veganuary Vegan for 1 Week - Day 1 Monday 26/Jan 2015

As a thank you for helping a colleague out at work, she said she’d be vegan for 1 week during Veganuary. After much discussions, 6 more girls jumped on board, and so this week me +6 meat eaters and 1 veggie embarked on 1 week of veganism for Veganuary. 480 more words


Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Shallots

This is one of the many Brussel Sprout recipes that celebrate this much maligned veg. We think that in the right dish and cooked properly they are fab and roasting them with shallots brings out great flavours. 119 more words


Thanksgiving Dinner

I’ve managed to let this blog go radio silent for the last month. It is time to play catch up. Let’s begin at Thanksgiving.

On Thanksgiving I made salmon in place of the traditional turkey as the main dish and made sides of roasted vegetables, crab cakes, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, yams, and a big kale salad. 114 more words


Salmon, quinoa, pesto and veg

When I was a student I saved my favourite recipes in a folder on my mac so I could make them over and over again… this was definitely a classic, I’m getting hungry looking at it! 183 more words