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Tonight's Last Song Standing 3/27/15

Every week night at 9PM, Y98’s Brion O ‘Brion gives YOU the chance to help determine the next big song on Y98! That’s right, folks – the power lies in your hands! 88 more words


M2 Lifeline of MRU

The national motorway of MRU is one of the most famous stretch for its endless drives, pristine quality  & for connecting the south west – Mahebourg to Grand Baie, all the way up in the North of the country. 265 more words


staggered by tom clausen

so many things

to have opinions on

yet as I drive along

I don’t arrive

at any of them

Poems And Photos

बिक गए रस्ते

बाज़ार के भाव में बिक गए रस्ते सब
एक तुम्हे संभल के देख कर।
वहाँ तुमने बजट घर का रखा,
और मैं खुद रस्ते भटक गया।

नज़रे मिले ही नहीं तुमसे मेरे
तुम उधर, मैं तुम्हे देख रहा था।
जिस ओर गए तुम
उस मोड़ को मैं भी चल गया।

दाएँ हाथ पकड़ तुमने जैसे अपनी महक से
मुझपे अपना रंग चड़ा दिया हो,
मधहोश कर गए तुम मुझे आवाज़ से
और मैं रस्ते सब भटक गया।


Dead-End Juneau.

Juneau is the capital of Alaska.  Maybe you are supposed to memorize it for Geography class.  But if you ever wanted to actually go there, you couldn’t. 76 more words



Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge: 2015 Week #12

Welcome everyone to Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge. This challenge’s subject is the roads, walks, trails, rails, by which we move from place to place. 75 more words


Traffic Scam

I’ve just found out that I’ve been caught by a speed scam-era!

And make no mistake, they are a scam. Why else would thousands of law abiding citizens be fined hundreds of pounds every week? 436 more words