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april 2015: 2

Bicarbonate for Better Vision?
“Controlling bicarbonate levels may slow progression of eye diseases”
Harvard Medical School News — April 2, 2015

Evolutionary Relic
Pseudogenes in the human genome may lead to cancer development” 95 more words

Cancer Research

Meteorites Bring the Building Blocks of Life

Meteorite Day at the Museum May 23, 2015 Visit us at the Rice NW Museum on Saturday, May 23, for our annual Meteorite Day. There will be guest lectures and special events for the family all day. 316 more words


Back and writing ...

I hit a wall several months ago, not literally I hasten to add.

The combination of work, health, planning my wedding, and real life completely sapped my creativity not long after I’d finished my first draft – I’ve rewritten some parts of it in my head, but not yet on paper. 104 more words


From LBL: "New target for anticancer drugs: RNA"

UC Berkeley

April 6, 2015
Robert Sanders

DNA is transcribed into mRNA, which is then translated by ribosomes into proteins. UC Berkeley researchers demonstrated that dysregulation of the gene expression program governed by a ribosomal protein called eIF3 leads to increased cell growth and carcinogenesis. 1,084 more words

Applied Research & Technology

On My Own - The Self-Assembly of Early DNA

Let’s face it: The young planet Earth was not a pleasant place to be. After coalescing from the protoplanetary disk of gases and dust left over from the formation of the Sun 4.5 billion years ago, the Earth’s surface had finally cooled to solid rock 1 billion years later (in between, it got hit by a planet-sized object to form the Moon and went through something called the “iron catastrophe,” which somehow isn’t being used as a band name). 565 more words



Change is not easy. We don’t want change because it takes an effort. We like things to stay the way they are because we are used to it.

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