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10 Vital Signs That Show the Hot Weather Has Got to You

The heat is of nostalgic magnitude. This is London, but for me there are echoes of summers long past in Washington DC, where pavements glued to your feet, or perhaps vice versa. 485 more words

Family Life

Poem - River - Yuyutsu Sharma

Between your marble

shoulders and my hairy chest
the river roaring,

tears, tears, tears…
Between your mellowing

mouth and my scented tongue
a night of flames… 208 more words


Washed Away by alexriek

Please view on black (press ‘H’ then ‘M’). This is a re-processed version of a previous post.

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or to visit my… 9 more words


“ may not be my city. But it my kind of city.”                                   – Vicas Swarup

So we’re back in the city, or more precisely two cities.

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Walking from Buruva to old Manali

It is a very pretty walk through villages and hills about 6-8 km.

This is how they stack dry grass for their cows in the attic. 138 more words

Ancient Indians

Leon Bridges "Coming Home"

Soul music has always had a special place in my heart. Though I wasn’t even born at the time when Soul music really flourished, I still have the utmost respect for it. 151 more words


Fish Out Of Water 

Exploring with my new fish eye lens at Scott’s Run park on the Potomac

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