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My Sunday Reset Button

There is something about SoulCycle that you can’t explain. I find ending my week with that spin class prepares me for what lies ahead. I look at the wall that says: “Athlete, Legend, Warrior, Renegade, Rockstar” and get energized for what lies ahead. 39 more words



– On drinking tea –

Over the years, tea’s become my ritual, however I drink it: milky –

– or black –

– or herbal.

It’s the china, perhaps.

Remember those White Mondays?

If you ever went to school in this part of India, chances are very high that you were forced to wear white uniforms on Mondays. It was as if just Mondays weren’t sufficient to torture the students- they had to further endure the torture of wearing white outfits that were incredibly hard to maintain. 37 more words


The Big Fat Indian Wedding Series - #Haldi

Hello laadkis,

Presenting to you, The Big Fat Indian Wedding Series ! My brother got married earlier this month at an exclusive island on the shores of Goa,India.

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Physical Places or Something More

There is something soothing, calming about ritual.  There is something healing about going to the same building, listening to then sme words delivered by a passionate and gentle soul. 241 more words

Beauty Favourites February 2015

Wow , another month down ! Where is this year going ? Spring and summer will be on us before we know it :)

February was another month of new beauty discoveries and falling in love with a drug store brand which will be a separate post . 511 more words


Funny video: Rafael Nadal's superstitions and rituals

Rafael Nadal has many superstitions and rituals that he does before or during all of his matches. Watch:

Rafael Nadal