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Transitions can be hard. I’m going through a few major transitions right now, both personal and work related. In a similar fashion, the changing season, in addition to the stress and demands of daily life, can be challenging for our complexion. 1,133 more words


Now Sweetie, How About We Get Back On The Wagon? ( Dealing with Failure Part 2)

Failure is a temporary state, if you want it to be. The thing is this. Its okay to fail. Its okay to lapse, to not always be perfect, to let things go for a little bit. 487 more words

Goal Setting

Spirituality & Space to Heal

We join spokes together in a wheel but it is the center hold that makes the wagon move.  

We shape clay into a pot, but it is the emptiness inside that holds whatever we value.

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How to Release & Purify! Day 4 of the Wildly, Luscious Soulful Living Challenge.

Here we are…day 4 of the 30 Day Challenge.  

Today I awoke from some pretty vivid dreams of water, of pipes bursting, of throwing out old things stored in the flooded garage.   395 more words

Ritual Facilitation: Designing Processes

The most current issue of Circle Magazine is themed entirely on rituals. It’s a great read with lots of tips and tools for ritual facilitators. My own article, Ritual Facilitation: Designing Impactful Rituals, ended up being way too long for the magazine, and so I pulled out a section of it and just created an entire article from that piece. 3,614 more words

Pagan Community

Kemeriahan Hari ke Enam Tionghoa di Bengkalis.

Setiap hari ke enam bulan pertama dalam tahun China, klenteng  Hook An Kiong yang berada di Jalan Yos Sudarso, Kabupaten Bengkalis, provinsi Riau  penuh dengan masyarakat  Tionghoa. 287 more words



Raise to Rise; the Niðstang’s cries
shed the Mountains’ fears
Raise to Rise; the Draíochta render betwixt the loam and skies
Enriched by blood, the sacrifice o’ thousand years… 295 more words