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Magick Monday: Awaken your Scents

Welcome back to another post of Magick Monday, where adding a little bit of magick to your everyday life is as easy as 1,2,3!

Scent plays a huge role in just about every magick tradition out there. 600 more words


I collage a hand that is only about ritual and material.  That’s all. 19 more words


My Eating Disorder Has Nothing To Do With Eating

I used to make myself throw up. There are many more layers to that story, but those are the bare bones of it. I used to make myself throw up and I’ve had a hard time finding a name for it. 1,042 more words

Comment Bump Up from Keeping Our Realities Straight

Jean Haines posted a series of recent pieces from RedefiningGod.com and then wrote her own post discussing her feelings about BRICS, Putin, Paul Craig Roberts and “Ken” from RedefiningGod. 949 more words

ADF Dedicant Path: Week 2 - First Oath

Technically this the third week since I began, but as I said, I am not necessarily following along week/by week. Also, since the third week is supposed to fall on or around a High Day, it doesn’t make sense to rush right now since the next High Day isn’t until August. 798 more words


Ten Principles of Judaism (Principle 5), Ritual Without Ethics

Principle 5:
Judaism teaches us that ritual without ethics is not only fruitless, but idolatrous and anti-religious. Ritual serves the purpose of implementing and embodying the ethical and spiritual dimensions of Judaism. 877 more words