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Attack of the Social Media Pages

This separate post is dedicated to all of the pages I have on the internet! Give me a follow, friend me and talk to me at the comfort of your fingertips or mouse. 7 more words

What Next:

As my study abroad slowly winds down to an end, I’ve been increasingly thinking about my achievements and where I hope to go next in my academic and professional career. 151 more words

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RIT Duty At A Basement Fire

TAKE YOUR PICK: Unfortunately, RIT duty at a room and contents fire in a small 2 story rowhome has come to this (Above Left).  Is it really necessary to pull out all of the equipment on the ladder truck at every fire and spread it out on a tarp in front of the fire building and then expect a RIT team to run past all the firemen already working inside and rescue the firefighter calling the mayday? 283 more words


Gaming free

Jennifer Dziuba, 23, a lifelong gamer and aspiring video game developer, delved into gaming culture, the changing industry and how free women are to game online in peace in this interview. 128 more words

JRN 320

Destler Talks Destler's Challenge

Current President of RIT:  Dr. Bill Destler

As the first year of Imagine RIT came to a close in 2008, 17,000 visitors could testify to the uniquely innovative and creative spirit of RIT students, faculty and staff. 540 more words

Congratulations to RIT's Seniors

One of my biggest wishes is that NCAA Women’s Hockey would get more attention.  Well that’s why this blog is here.  Without further ado, let’s congratulate the senior class of 2014-2015 as teams are eliminated from further play. 105 more words


Exhibit Featurette #5: GoPros + Cinema = Virtual Reality Movies

Have you ever been watching a film and wished that you were not confined to what the director wanted you to see? Maybe you wanted to take in some of the scenery, or maybe you were wondering if something cool is happening outside of the frame. 343 more words