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Exhibit Featurette #5: GoPros + Cinema = Virtual Reality Movies

Have you ever been watching a film and wished that you were not confined to what the director wanted you to see? Maybe you wanted to take in some of the scenery, or maybe you were wondering if something cool is happening outside of the frame. 343 more words


Family Newspaper

My daughter has resurrected a project she and our son originally did as children-a family newspaper. Full of bits of news submitted by our large circle of family and friends who sometimes struggle to keep in touch and up to date, she used to mail them out, complete with drawings, photos and poems. 53 more words


What We Do 2015

In 2001 the RIT photojournalism students felt that their work deserved a show of its own. A show that celebrated the great work being done in the program. 482 more words


Exhibit Featurette #4: Your Watch, Your Band, Click.

The recent announcement of the Apple watch has stirred the world once again as Apple tries its hand into the wearable smart device market. Coming in at a variety of price points and styles, the Apple watch aims to fit any person’s needs for any occasion. 344 more words

Teal Ruffled Shirt

We all have old clothing that we no longer wear or should no longer wear because they are old and beat up. But for some reason, it’s so hard to get rid of your favorites, no matter how rough shape they are in. 344 more words

Quick And Easy Crafts


Lož má krátke nohy! … A veľkú riť. Ale to jej nevravte.

Exhibit Featurette #3: A-B-Cs of Hacking

“Grab that highlighted thing over there and drag it to the machine” explained Jaime Geiger. “Hit launch and now you got your red lightning bots” 339 more words