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Risk Assessment

Risk assessment for the location used for filming – the apartment

Risk How Severity Control
A Level

The 7 Major Risks of Software Projects

An crucial part of any almost any IT worker’s job – from CIO to Director to Manager to Developer —  is evaluating the pros and cons of developing new (and upgrading existing) software.  479 more words


Risk Takers

Imagine a back yard pool with a diving board.

One individual (lets say a kid) runs full steam off the diving board, completely unaware if there is actually anything in the pool but trusting that since it’s a ‘swimming pool’, it must therefore be full of water. 991 more words


Fear. Risk. Faith.

It was dark and tight.
Several hours went by until someone opened the backpack where I was. My anxiety level had increased and regret feelings about the courageous act from that morning were starting to appear. 556 more words


Taking Calculated Risks

Taking risks is part of being an entrepreneur challenging the status quo. When we think about risks we normally think about failure, getting scared and want to get the hell out of there.  94 more words

Your Professional Reputation

Electronic Medical Death

Implementation of the Electronic Medical Record in a hospital or office setting carries inherent risk.  Like all medical technology, there is danger as well as benefit to the patient.   72 more words


Should we admire people for ‘just doing their job’?

When pestilence prevails, it is their duty to face danger and continue their labours for the alleviation of suffering, even at jeopardy of their own lives… 1,339 more words