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Medical Tourism Resume

Richard Krasner, MA, MHA
7151 Summer Tree Drive
Boynton Beach, FL 33437
561-603-1685, cell
Skype: richardkrasner
Blog: http://richardkrasner.wordpress.com

Professional Profile

Detail-oriented, Insurance and Risk Management Generalist transitioning into Medical Tourism industry. 2,319 more words

Medical Tourism

What Steps Can I Take to Protect My Money?

When you’ve worked hard to accumulate money and other assets, you become extremely protective of what you have. People protect their assets in different ways, but the end goal is usually the same – to keep assets safe from the many risks that exist. 931 more words

Aim Well Before Shooting for the (Private Equity) Stars

If you are shooting for the stars it may be wise to look for some reference points to be sure you are aiming in the right direction. 244 more words



We already had the CGEIT title certification. Which is pronounced in Dutch as ‘See goat’.
Now let’s add CSX. Pronounced by all as ‘See sex’. 37 more words

Information Risk Management

Finally, the message is getting through, but are you listening?

At a meeting with a Business Manager of a Victorian Government Department yesterday.  I was told that, in meetings with recruiters, the discussion of who is responsible for contractor’s work health and safety is always a point of discussion and a centralised process was needed.   559 more words

Cyber Liability Insurance-Does My Business Really Need It?

This is a legitimate question many business owners may keep asking themselves when they hear of another data breach occurring at a major retailer, healthcare provider or financial institution. 533 more words