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Mitigating Botnet Information Security Risks through EA and the ITSA - Part 3 of 4

Originally Posted Here: http://christopher.killerpenguin.net/blog/Mitigating-Botnet-Information-Security-Risks-through-EA-and-the-ITSA-Part-3

Part III – Case Study: Georgia

During the month of August 2008, the Republic of Georgia imposed a state of war against Russia due to military actions that crossed the demilitarized zone of South Ossetia (Tikk, Kaska, Runnimeri, Kert, Taliharm, & Vihul, 2008). 555 more words

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Mitigating Botnet Information Security Risks through EA and the ITSA - Part 4 of 4

Originally Posted Here: http://christopher.killerpenguin.net/blog/Mitigating-Botnet-Information-Security-Risks-through-EA-and-the-ITSA-Part-4

Part IV – Conclusion

In conclusion, botnet activity is a substantial threat to the enterprise environment. With evolving capabilities, botmasters will continue to stay at the cutting edge of technology and devise new ways to avoid detection. 1,002 more words

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6 Reasons Why Projects Fail in Enterprises

According to a Standish group report, enterprises in United States spend more than $250 billion each year on IT development, approximately 175,000 projects. The research further shows that a staggering 31.1% of projects will get cancelled before they ever get completed and 52.7% of approved projects will cost 189% of their original estimates. 958 more words


New good faith law - Have you checked your honesty in contractual performance lately?

The Supreme Court of Canada has enacted a “new and clear common law duty”

How critical is it to understand how disputes can put your projects at risk? 396 more words


You asked: Can I get insurance if my home is a former grow-op? (newsletter article April 2015)

Getting insurance coverage for a previous illegal grow-op is difficult if not virtually impossible due to the enormous amount of damage caused by the alternations required to operate a grow-op.  295 more words

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Dangers of an illegal marijuana grow-op (newsletter article April 2015)

Illegal marijuana grow-ops are popping up in neighbourhoods across Canada as quickly as the plants that are harvested. Consider the following report from a 2013 CBC news story. 281 more words

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Tips to prevent melting snow water damage to your home or business (newsletter article April 2015)

Spring means warmer temperatures, melting snow, and increased risks for water damage and flooding. To protect your home or business from costly losses, there are easy DIY ways to protect your property. 266 more words

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