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Rights group ACLU opposes extended NSA phone surveillance

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) will challenge a ruling to allow intelligence agencies to resume bulk collection of phone data.

The controversial practice – exposed by whistle-blower Edward Snowden in June 2013 – was halted when section 215 of the US Patriot Act, which had been used to authorise the NSA’s data-collection activities, expired in May 2015. 516 more words

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Pro-Choice Means Withholding Judgement

Lucy Flores is a politician.  She also had an abortion when she was sixteen.  Why? She wasn’t ready to have a baby.

Isn’t that reason enough?   312 more words

Magna Carta: The Enduring Struggle For Rights & Justice

The democratic aspiration is no mere recent phase in human history. It is human history. It permeated the ancient life of early peoples. It blazed anew in the Middle Ages.

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HOLIDAYS are not Special for Everyone!

Please Be Safe! Check our YOUTUBE

It is Friday morning and it’s the first day of a three-day holiday weekend.  Now please do not take this as a negative comment but for our family holidays are much like any other day.  1,295 more words


Gays Rights May Open Door for Pedophile Rights

From: infowars.com

Democrats have attempted to normalize pedophilia as a sexual orientation.

A recent Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage may soon allow pedophiles to argue they are suffering discrimination. 304 more words


On Why I Supported Obergefell (Politically)

I can get strange, confused looks from my conservative friends and pleasantly surprised looks from my liberal friends when I tell them I supported legalizing gay marriage. 476 more words

Quick note I have on constitutional quotes

As you can see from my blog I like to come up with my quotes. That does not mean I don’t look into quotes from the past. 74 more words