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White Input on POC Issues

In the midst of a myriad of social media attention and traditional news platform coverage, the United States has come to the forefront of discussion on race-relations in the modern world, more so than perhaps any other time in recent years. 758 more words


July 17, 2014: Duro Felguera Bonus, Banco Santander Rights

Just yesterday I got 31,60€ in dividends from Duro Felguera, but today I get a little more. Today’s one is a bonus that some companies give to shareholders attending the annual meeting. 619 more words


Water Rights

An interesting Yahoo News article recounts the attempts by California to learn from Australia how to handle the drought that has brought that state to near crisis status. 644 more words

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Which hand to hold?

Stepping out from "Bottom Power"

These days happiness is the talk of the town. How are you happy? How have you reached happiness? Why do you consider yourself happy in comparison to those around you? 1,281 more words


Guatemala’s Indigenous Community Expresses Concern Over New Maya Museum

By: Ligia María

“We are not myths of the past, ruins in the jungle, or zoos,” Maya human rights activist Rigoberta Menchú said in a 1992 interview shortly before she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. 1,215 more words


Your Rights at Work: F.A.Q

26 May 2015:

BY Nick McArdle

Often in the workplace, employees don’t know their rights and are often too scared to ask. Nick McArdle has researched and answered some commonly asked questions that might help you. 445 more words

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Shikeisyu 042 : Death penalty and Human rights .

This article is adapted from thai language article of mine in this blog.

Shikeisyu 042 is Drama, Psychological and Slice Of Life Japanese comic book (aka manga) by  KOTEGAWA Yua Japanese author and artist who also wrote…

751 more words