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The marriage calculus


Photo by Stefan Kuhn/Gallery Stock

Women with money and education tend to get and stay married in America. Why don’t working-class women do the same?

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Resource Fair for victims of crime

MASON CITY, Iowa – This week is National Crime Victim’s Rights Week. It’s a time to recognize those impacted by any crime because too often, victims do not know their rights within the justice system. 173 more words


Indigenous Australia: Enduring Civilisation review – a fabulous beast

Detail from Kungkarangkalpa, 2013, by Kunmanara Hogan, Tjaruwa Woods, Yarangka Thomas, Estelle Hogan, Ngalpingka Simms and Myrtle Pennington. Photograph: Courtesy: the artists/Spinifex Arts Project

British Museum doesn’t shy from its ownership of many controversial artefacts in this wonderful exploration of Indigenous Australian tragedy and triumph… 519 more words


You Watch Too Much TV- The Forensic “Sciences” Under Fire

West Midlands Police (CC BY-SA 2.0)

By Incognito Chupacabra

There have been a spate of scandals recently concerning forensic science: poor methodology, faulty protocols, and an absolute disregard for the chain of evidence. 685 more words



Chennai, April 16, 2015: A series of protests were held in the city last month by the persons with disability (PWD) seeking their right to aid and equality from the State government. 1,614 more words

Don't lure, just respect !

A caveman didn’t consider or demarcate his possessions what needed to be called “costly”. He barely wore anything to cover his hairy body neither his female partner or neighborhood. 298 more words


The Point?

Perhaps I’m dense, but what are we missing here in the West? Most of the Middle East has a somewhat unpleasant reputation for the way women are treated by Sharia (Islamic Law). 552 more words

True Lies