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 I am constantly inspired by people who do not conform. People who do not abide by the rules society set for them! Kudos Bruce Jenner~! Yes! 358 more words

Fears women have .....

When women were asked what they DIDN’T do — what activities they missed out on — in order to protect themselves, women I surveyed answered: 615 more words


Why I Couldn't Be a Public Speaker for Ireland's Gay Marriage Referendum

Ireland is a small yet astoundingly influential country on this vast planet. Perhaps a lot of people (Americans, I’m looking at you lot) don’t even know where we are situated geographically but you can guarantee most people will claim their great grandfather’s wife’s cat was one quarter Irish which makes them Irish. 981 more words

Why I Don’t Need Feminism and Why Women Probably Do

I don’t need feminism because feminism obviously doesn’t need me. I was blacklisted apparently… all I did was show up with a plate of snickers… for hunger… because hunger makes you… Never mind. 308 more words


DWI and DUI--What Are My Rights in NC? Part One

By: Daniel Melo

You’re on your way home from a lovely evening with your wife or husband, you’ve had a couple glasses of wine, and suddenly, you hear sirens and see the blue lights come on behind you… What do you do? 706 more words


Protecting Our Way Of Life

When I was a hell of a lot younger than I am today, my father & I drove out to a far corner of our farm. 1,027 more words