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A bold and scary word isn’t it?

In the past year I have heard this word on television, on the radio, in school, in the papers, on social media…. 284 more words




A word that gave me much thought when I was in my Soc. Stratification class. Majority of our studies surrounded feminist perspectives. I must say, at one point of my life I was a feminist a believed that women should be equal to men in the United States. 337 more words


Do we really want social mobility after all?

This past week, a couple of different things have proverbially rocked my world.

This first is Run The Jewels 2, the latest album from El-P and Killer Mike. 622 more words


Inspire and Empower: The Feminist

This past Tuesday, my school hosted a “Women’s Wellness Day”, during which I attended a seminar about feminism.  Hosted by an organization called WomenSpeak, the class inspired me to share a little about my opinions on feminism and equal rights. 285 more words


Catching up with old friends in Hong Kong

This past week I was in Hong Kong, meeting with various NGOs and activists in preparation for my Migrant Nation fieldtrip in May. I caught up with my old friend and migrant rights activist, Vicky, outside the Immigration Tower in Wan Chai. 30 more words

Migrant Domestic Workers

Going to the Dogs in Nevada

“Some dogs cannot hold their licker,” goes the old joke.

All kidding aside, Nevada State Senator John Settelmeyer has introduced a bill allowing individual bar owners admit dogs into their establishment if they’d like too. 125 more words


Magna Carta?

Let’s celebrate Magna Carta?
Theresa May and John Grayling
No dout they’ll Magna Cum Laude