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On Left and Right Deviations

Within the communist movement there are many errors that revolutionaries can make on the path to building proletarian revolution. Two of the most notable errors on this path are “left” and “right” deviations. 220 more words

Leftism's Edge in Attracting Intelligent People and How Liberal Egalitarianism/Universalism Justifies the Power of the Globalist Elite.


Crazy, radical, extreme, eccentric, and/or obsessive people may be dangerous or foolish, BUT interesting ideas arise from such people–just as most great art is made by ‘crazy’ artists. 1,556 more words

Is Obama’s Socialism Essentially of the Right or the Left?


As a pragmatist and student of history, Obama knows well enough that capitalism produces wealth and that modern socialism essentially amounts to taxing the private sector to maintain the bureaucratic state. 4,327 more words

No Enemy to the Right? We must think again.

With the election of Obama, it’s clear that the liberals have fully revived the strategy of ‘no enemies to the left’. Is it time–with counter-moral justification–for conservatives to embrace ‘no enemy to the right’? 7,515 more words

Leftists Between A Rock And A Hard Place

I was reading this article on the Great Firewall of the West relative to the Great Firewall of China. What Jeff J. Brown curiously describes is what we would call the Cathedral but sees not his participation in it. 360 more words


This is why we can't have nice things: Israel/Palestine, meta-blogging, and the silence of the centre.

Last month I did something I promised myself I wouldn’t do: I wrote a blogpost about the Israel/Palestine conflict. I’m fairly sure that the resulting increase in blood pressure took several years off my life. 888 more words

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