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Anissimov is Wrong about Anonymity

Michael Anissimov exhorts far-right wingers to come out of the closet.

The main problem that the neoreactionary Right faces right now is anonymity. Three years ago it was not enough people.

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Leftists Between A Rock And A Hard Place

I was reading this article on the Great Firewall of the West relative to the Great Firewall of China. What Jeff J. Brown curiously describes is what we would call the Cathedral but sees not his participation in it. 360 more words


What is Order?

A fundamental question for neoreaction going foward:

What is Order?

When chaos is equated with leftism (per Moldbug, damn me if I can find the quote), rightism must necessarily be equated with order — the opposite of chaos. 466 more words


Rightists, Reactionaries, Counter-Revolutionaries, Traditionalists, Conservatives, Fascists, and Right-Populists should all be critical of status quo capitalism...

Conservatives – real conservatives, at least, not classical liberals or neoconservatives – should not be surprised. Capitalism, an economic system driven only, according to its own theory, by the accumulation of profit, is at least as much the enemy of tradition as the NAACP or communism, and those on the “right” who make a fetish of capitalism generally understand this and applaud it. 301 more words

This is why we can't have nice things: Israel/Palestine, meta-blogging, and the silence of the centre.

Last month I did something I promised myself I wouldn’t do: I wrote a blogpost about the Israel/Palestine conflict. I’m fairly sure that the resulting increase in blood pressure took several years off my life. 888 more words

Political Ramblings


From Fred Schwarz:

This week’s issue of The Economist has an article explaining how Britain’s Labour party is “besotted with Uncle Sam.” This surprised me, because NR’s resident British expat, Charlie Cooke, no Labourite he, has also been effusive in his…

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